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Kato - New Releases

Darren Jeffries

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Darren Jeffries

The following items are new releases from Kato.


? Item No Descriptions Price* (Yen) Bar Code Release

NEW  20-544 Double Track Curved Track R414/R381-45 Degrees Incllined (2 pcs.)  1,470 4949727517162 Dec.4



NEW  20-545 Double Tack Viaduct Approach R414/R381 (L & R)  683 4949727517193 |



? 8037-4 Tank Car TAKI 1000 Blue with Japan Oil Terminal Feather Mark  1,365 4949727517278 Dec.7



NEW  10-547 Series N700 Shinaknsen Bullet Train "Nozomi" 4-Car Set, Powered  13,650 4949727517605 |

NEW  10-548 Series N700 Shinaknsen Bullet Train "Nozomi" 4-Car Set, Add-On  8,925 4949727517612 |

NEW  10-549 Series N700 Shinaknsen Bullet Train "Nozomi" 8-Car Set, Add-On  14,700 4949727517629 |



NEW  10-005 Passport Special Set inc. Steam Locomotive D51 Train  18,900 4949727517636 Dec.11



NEW  11-512 Series 321 Japanese Destination Sign Set, JR Kyoto/Kobe Lines  1,260 4949727517223 |

NEW  11-513 Series 321 Japanese Destination Sign Set, JR Takarazuka Line  1,680 4949727517230 |



NEW  10-550 Series KIHA82 6-Car Set (connectible with Loco. EF63)  16,800 4949727517674 | Dec.20

NEW  6061-3 Diesel Car KIHA 82  3,150 4949727517681 |

NEW  6062-3 Diesel Car KIRO 80  1,470 4949727517698 |

NEW  6063-3 Diesel Car KIHA 80 Powered  4,410 4949727517704 |

NEW  6064-3 Diesel Car KIHA 80 Trailer  1,470 4949727517711 |



NEW  23-107 Suburban Island Platform A  1,050 4949727515601 Dec.26

NEW  23-108 Suburban Island Platform B  1,050 4949727515618 |

NEW  23-109 Suburban Island Platform End B (2 pcs.)  1,050 4949727515625 |



NEW  2019-2 Steam Locomotive C62 Tokaido Line  11,550 4949727517643 |



NEW  10-534 Series SUHA 44 Express "Tsubame" 7-Car Basic Set  12,600 4949727517735 |

NEW  10-535 Series SUHA 44 Express "Tsubame" 7-Car Add-On Set  10,500 4949727517742 |



3020-4 EF58 Brown  6,510 4949727517834 Jan.10


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Mudkip Orange

The "Mangattan Liner" (gotta love that literal romaji pronuniciation!) trains showcase artwork from Shotaro Ishinomari, who basically invented the concept that later became Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. A decent chunk of his work is now housed in a museum that looks a bit like a crashed UFO - see http://www.man-bow.com/manga/

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Allready announced two days ago, see this thread some posts before. :)


Ah, I see :P Didn't see that one, so I thought I'd start a new thread.

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Looks like Kato will be releasing both a 3-car 115 set and a 2-car E127, both in Niigata livery. (Toni, you were right about the E127!) Looks like I'll be pre-ordering...


There's more, of course--poster attached:


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Ouch. A second E127 (Kato site link doesn't work yet, but I assume it's EM13/FL11 DCC like the other), and another steam/passenger set back to back. Yeah, I'll be spending a lot this summer. At least that 10-828 setup is smaller/cheaper then the complete Tsubame steam set.

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Heheheh :grin I'm always right


Anyways, that 115 looks attractive as hell! I have some good memories travelling on one of 'em from Echigoyuzawa to Urasa... I shouldn't get one, as I'm Enoden (and other very small EMU) orientated...

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I need to wait until Kato actually fills in the page for the 115 (both it and the new E127 pages are blank), I'm really trying to get only DCC ready (EM13) EMUs going forward. I'm still killing myself with steam engines that I'll likely never be able to upgrade to DCC. Gets worse with my lovely set of 9600s since their coreless motors would fry trying to use address 00 on DCC.

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Pre-orders are open--HW's prices are a little better than HS's, if anybody's looking. I pre-ordered both Niigata sets; now I'm wondering if I should cancel the pre-order of the Oito line E127, but I'm not sure how.


[edit] Does it make me extra-geeky that I had pre-ordered *before* I got the Hobby Search e-mail announcing the new releases?  :grin

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As before, trams where announced, and the tram portion of the poster was seen at the Shizuoka Hobby Show.


Besides the 3 trams, Kato also has (new) in September:


JR East Nambu Line 205-1200 series (6 car formation)



DF40 locomotive and individual 43 series passenger cars (Suha 42, Suha 43, Oha 47) available in both blue and brown

DD54 locomotive and 7 car 20 series sleeper set (also individual cars available)


EDIT: Just to be clear, the locomotives are new, the matching passenger cars are reruns (they also match previous electric locomotives Kato has released - the EF65-500 is in fact in the rerun list just below, giving you two choices to pull the set)


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I wish I can see how the black and white Toyama tram looks like.


In theory they should look just like the TomyTec versions coming out this month, only with working lights and built in motor (everything but the shell is likely to be 100% the same as the first set of Kato Portram units).


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bikkuri bahn
Yes, I am also seriously happy that the H0 DE10 is having a rerun


Me too, I'm tempted to make a reservation (I already have reserved Kato's rerun of the C56, which is due sometime this month).  But the upcoming HO Tenshodo C58 in plastic is even more attractive.

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Uhuhuh! A DD54!


I had 3 old Tomix DD54 which I send back after short runnig time because the gear was awful and the locos was stopping.

This is my favorite from KATO this year


And the DF50... Maybe the loco looks better like the MicroACE one, but I wouldn't replace it. Old diesels is not my high rated theme for collection

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