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Tomix overhead tracks, station & tram questions


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Anyone runs a tram on the 103 curves?!




All the time.  Although early Modemo articulated trams pre-date the C103 curves.

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Thanks a lot guys, sorry for asking too many questions.

Is there a place I could see the radii tolerance of the trains?!


I plan on buying either the Modemo Enoden 100 (http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10123538) or Tosaden 600 (http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10111547) as I like an old style better for what I plan to make. Is it Ok on 103 curves?


For radiii try these links:






I've run my Tosaden 600s on C103 tracks without problem and the Enoden 100 would run also.  But note the 600 is a street loading car and the Enoden 100 is a platform loading car only ( as Enoden legally is a railway).

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Thanks a lot!! :-)


But note the 600 is a street loading car and the Enoden 100 is a platform loading car only ( as Enoden legally is a railway).

True, thanks for pointing this out!

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Martijn Meerts

Bill, are you sure it's C103 capable? The logo on the Tomytec page is the "Mini" logo, which usually indicates C140 and C177. They also have a "Super-Mini" logo, which indicates C103.


At least, that's how I understand it.

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Too bad, thanks anyway! ^_^

I still not decided what to do lol... I take my time but I have lots of other things on my mind nowadays...


I'm also making a plan for my (tram) layout, it's getting nice, I'll share it with you guys.


It's a good thing I took my time because my girlfriend offered to buy me my trams for my birthday next week. Best of all, se sayed "Oh, that's not too expensive, you can take two!"  :grin

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Martijn Meerts






Where do you people get all those wives/girlfriends ?!  :grin

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That's it! ^_^


My birthday order is ordered!

I picked a Kato silver Centram in the end, even if I was more on a older looking tram it's design is really nice.

Rather than a second tramway, I choose to order all the tracks I needed for my layout and even some scenery (vending machines and people).

I'll purchase the rest of the scenery I need for my layout later, but at least I have my loop and I can run my tram.


My girlfriend is so cool!  :grin

Can't wait to receive my parcel (SAL shipping).

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