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Where are the N Scale Type 66 Maser Cannons?


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will do when they start showing up! probably a couple of weeks, just paid for the maser canon order! tanks are in the air. decided to cheat on the tanks and get things that look close and just rebrand as JDF tanks. to try and get the prototypical ones was going to get very expensive! hey they ultimately get crushed anyway!

Great idea...I was kind of thinking along similar lines.  1/144 tanks seem to be rather plentiful and cheap, and adding lazer cannons to the turret should be a fun exercise...and like you say, they end up getting crushed anyway! 

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Ok it showed up today! its pretty much spot on 1/144 i think. if you look at the tractor its maybe 15% bigger than a 1/144 tank and that jibes pretty much with what you see in the movies. also the seating compartment looks like a 1/150 figure will fit in cramped (hey its a tank) quite well. so this is totally w/in the size range for a little goji n scale diorama!


the canon articulates nicely and several little accessories including a clip on maser ray you can put on coming out of the end of the canon.


i got one set of 3 tanks ($3 ea off ebay) and a few more cheap tanks and trucks coming as well so some time i want to do the real goji vs JSDF scene!





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ok for you maser canon fans heres a deal for you!


hobbylink has the revotec (about 1/144 scale) type 66 maser canon and tractor for 1765yen, 35% off list




this is the one i got and is really nice, right at n scale as far as i can tell from the driver's seat.


and for you all that want the full deal, the RC 1/48 scale maser canon and tractor for 4200yen, thats 80% off!!!


hobby link has it on super sale!



http://www.hlj.com/product/AOS09120  (weathered)


or the model master 1.48 scale for 2960yen


http://www.hlj.com/product/AOS09120  (type 70)

http://www.hlj.com/product/AOS09097  (type 66)


ya gotta get a rc one to torture the cat with!


too bad its not in n scale!





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