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Kato EF 65-1118 (Kato 3019-9)


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Has anyone installed a decoder into a Kato EF 65- 1118?

If so, can you give any pointers? diagrams, tips etc?

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If it is like the other Kato EF65 3019-x releases, then conversion is dead simple. A Digitrax DN163k0a (or other DCC board designed to fit Kato N scale P-42, PA-1 & E-8 locos; I know others make them) is a drop-in replacement for the stock lighting board. You will have to remove the LEDs from the decoder, and shorten the leads, but if you're comfortable with a soldering iron this is very easy. If you're not, this is an easy way to learn. The other thing is that the plastic retention clip may not provide the needed pressure (it presses the motor's leads against the pickups on the DCC board), and you might have to slip a small folded up bit of aluminum foil to maintain the necessary pressure (you'll understand once you've got the thing apart).


Kato has instructions here:


Note that you shouldn't have to remove any of the roof material on the EF65.


Also, Kashirigi has posted his experience with a very similar install into an EF66 here:


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