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Electrical connectors for Buildings?


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With the copper tape....do you think there will be a problem in the future with the adhesive backing not sticking?


Yeah...that's probably a good point...Now that I think about it I have my tape for the street lights upside down under my table...hmmm....could be a problem.  Buy then I'm thinking that the adhesive may have a stronger bond against the 'toothy' wood of the bottom of the layout.  On the plastic floors/walls of the Kato buildings, I'm not so sure.  Maybe a spot of glue at a few strategic points just to make sure it will hold on?


Also, have you thought about making sure the walls on your buildings will be opaque?  I've found that some of my lighting tends to shine right through what are supposedly solid walls.  The easiest solution is to paint all the interior walls a good thick, solid color, but that's not always possible.  Another options is some card stock strategically placed to deflect light from shining through the walls.  A couple of my early buildings I failed to do anything about this and the solid walls sort of 'glow' in the dark!  :cheesy

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