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Small Exhibition in Treffurt/Thur[D] on last weekend


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WOW!!! Kia, details, details!

How long did it take your club to set the layout up?

How many people helped? How many days did it run? (I'm full of questions)

Great photos and this was really impressive!

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The small one is a modular layout of Dr. Yellow (Detlef), I don't know how long he build on it. To set up it up for the exhibition it took around 6 hours with 2 men (including to find some small errors).


The bigger one will grown up in around 16 hours with 5 men. The base are tables with colored paper table cloth. The roads are printed in a copyshop.


The exhiition was on Saturday from 1pm to 6pm and on Sunday from 10am to 5pm


For disassembling and put all into our cars we need 4 hours



More photos soon!

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600 people, great turnout, Kia! Does your club do any shows during the holiday season?

I have 2 questions on structures, on photo #103 the glass covered station, who makes that kit, is it Volmer? And on photos #112 & 117, the curved corner skyscraper, who makes that building?

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The Stationbuilding ist from a manufracture VERO of the former GDR. Scale is TT (1/120).


The other building is scratchbuild with mirror platic plates, ... of Dr. Y

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Darren Jeffries

Excellent display.... drool!!!!!!!!


This is what i love about Japanese image layouts, look great even as portable layouts.

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Does he do a lot of scratch building of structures?


He do some of them. The Firedepartment is scratchbuild, too. Or the house with orange&blue. He do faller car system convertions, too

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