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Modemo Hiroshima 5000 pictures release

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this is one of the issues folks are reporting is that some of the sections get out of vertical alignment and can sag at the joints. in addition some of the joints dont seem to want to come back straight laterally after going through a curve. a really drastic compound curve and grade might give it some problems, but not that usual on most tram layouts unless you are doing a micro tram layout in which case this would probably not be a great choice. ill play with it when mine comes. the Hoedi actually is quite good at taking very small curves, so the modemo might do it as well.


from the news it looks like some internal adjustments can be made to try and tighten up the alignment.



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This is very similar to how some of the earliest prototype articulated streetcars looked.  Two rooms and a bath streetcars.


Thanks for the picture!

I made a photo in Stuttgart, Modellbahn Union had a pavilion and sold a lot of Tomix, Tomytec and Modemo thing, so I could see how this new tram looks like. Previously I thought I buy it, but after I saw it I don't think so. There are huge gaps between the sections, and the whole model is not straight.


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Long promised.  Here is my set, as many mentioned before it is constantly sagging and loud.  It often stops at Kato Unitram curves and compartments never return to its supposed position.  Did anyone try adding weight to it and finding a better solution to this?  I wonder is it feasible to exchange the motor with Kato's one?






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well i just spent some time playing with my modemo hiroshima greenmover today. I had run it briefly when i got it last month, but did not have any curved tracks set up at the time. today i set up the ttrak standard spaced loop to give it a whirl. have to say im quite disappointed in it. it is cranky to get al the segments leveled up to start it up straight and clean, but once there it keeps that pretty well, but can some times not be totally straight after a turn. the big problem with mine though is after like 5 minutes running and it sounds like its slipping a gear now and then which is very disturbing. it also stalls as to2leo noted at points for no real reason. it has got to be the worst tram i have...


it also requires a lot of voltage to run this tram, like 10v for a normal speed...


all the other modemo, kato and tomix trams i have have no issues like this on the ttrak standard corners, only the greenmover.


I have the hodei version of this and it runs much better than the modemo. its articulation is also much more solid. its issues are the motor makes a bit of a grinding noise and can run hot. also the sides of the tram are just printed acetate sheets so there is no moulded relief detail on them. the modemo unit does a superior moulding and paint job.


ive contacted RainbowTen to see if there is any recourse with modemo on the model. this is the first time ive had a train that i want to return or at least see if modemo can do something on it. there has been rumor that modemo was taking some back for some modifications, we shall see.





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will do, i really blew it on this and should have been more on top of it. my quick first run was pretty good so i sort of set it aside for a while. but its second running was awful. i specifically did this as one of the jrm members ran his at the east penn traction club session last weekend on his alternate spaced ttrak loop (nice big curves for trams) and he said his was pretty much unrunable...


im thinking its something in the connections that gets out of joint as you take it in and out of the box. i fiddled with mine some and was able to get it a better on getting straight again, but the slipping gear noise was totally new on the second run as well as the super high voltage required. im thinking that the drive shaft linkages get out of whack as well with it going in and out of the box and onto the track and with any segment adjustments.


they obviously bit off a big challenge with this model, but their solution does not appear to be anywhere near as robust as the hodei design for the chassis articulation and drive mechanism.


im hoping they are working on improving this.


ill let you know if i hear anything back from rainbow ten. if i dont ill probably try to start opening it up to see what i can do poking around inside.


blog showing interior stuff





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There is a new advisory from Modemo on handling this car.




Here is the text translated.


And lift the vehicle with the central organization is deflected

May be the central part they floated on the rail.


As shown in the pictures will adversely impact the central portion and driving would be floated. Please let me run from the center to ensure that the truck has been properly grounded.


In addition, when handling the vehicle with the vehicle before and after please.

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grumble grumble, wish i coiuld have paid $64 for mine! still miffed at this model's really horrible performance. yes picking it up like that will make it run worse, but even when you are careful with it, get it all adjusted right it still runs poorly and is not a happy camper...


oh well only one bad tram out of dozens so i guess its pretty lucky in the long run!!



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Do I understand correctly: you own one but wish to buy another for $64?  I believe the expression is "throwing good money after bad".  The product has many design faults.  My advice: keep your money in your pocket and even sell the one you have.  The product is an embarassment to the manufacturer.


To contrast: the Hiroshima 5000 series is quite enjoyable to travel.  The air conditioning is luxury and welcomed in the stifling humidity of Hiroshima.

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No, don't wish to buy another one, just wish I had paid the sale price for it when the preorder was twice that. It should be an embarrassment for modemo, but they won't step up on it. They took some top returns for a while then stopped. Unfortunately I missed out on that as I had ordered from rainbow ten and just after it shipped they announced they were closing overseas orders and would not have the staff to deal with an oversea return.


I actually hesitate even selling it as I would not feel right unloading the lemon on someone...



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I actually have of a model by Halling, the HTM RegioCitadis, and after reading through this topic it has some of the same kind of problems as the greenmover. The two outer cars hang a bit too because the way the bogies are placed in the prototype, the gap between diaphragm and cars is fairly large too, and the motor makes a lot of (sagging) noise, for a modern H0 model that is. Even though it makes a lot of noise, the motor works actually pretty good though.

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Thanks very much for doing that! At some point here I want to have another go at overhauling mine and this is a great help!



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Does anyone know of a place where I can buy this? I just started My N scale layout last year and so didn't know about this until now. Would really like an articulated LRT despite the issues.

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Probably yahoo.jp as its been oos for a while now. hobby search fire saled the last few they had last year. Check with nariichi San at modeltrainplus, he can do yahoo auction sales for you as well as personal shopping, these maybe lurking new or used in Japanese hobby shops.


Have you seen the 2 and 3 section tomytec articulateds?







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Hey Bill or others,

Did anyone get this one from Bachmann?

How well does it run?


Late reply, I have in HO, and one in N. Give it too much juice and it will melt to the tracks.


The Peter Witt ones I believe are Spectrum and shouldn't be truck mounted plastic motor, but rather 5-pole.

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It's interesting that the author does not mention the complaint most heard when this tram model first appeared - it did not straighten completely after leaving a curved track. Hopefully the modifications, like slightly loosening the various screws in the articulation areas, will take care of this.


Rich K.

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