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What's in Your Roster?


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Krackel Hopper
arrrgggg! everytime i look at this thread i am reminded that i need to do inventory, been putting it off and off and off. on of those tasks that gets more daunting as time goes on. but very necessary, maybe I will be a good boy and go off and do it now!




Well.. is it complete?

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Martijn Meerts

I made a list once or twice.. Kept it up to date for a bit.. And now it's hopelessly outdated again ;)


In a way, I don't really want to know the value of my collection, but then again, it's definitely something the insurance company would need...

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i know the feeling martijn... when i did a rough inventory for the train show taping, i was a little horrified with myself...



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Updated Listing (and i am with cten .....i need to get this insured, but, the inventory...took me a couple of hours to update from the N-Scale Weekend show a month ago!!!!)




A-0317                  Doreamon Train

A-0365                  KIHA 185 'I LOVE Shimanto, Ai'

A-4141                  JR Limited Express Series 185-200 'Spur' Furu-Furu Color 7-Car

A-5933                  KiHa 40-700  Fox/Squid/Crab

A-7090                  JR East 485 series IRODORI

A-7694                  SEIBU Railway Series 3000 “Galaxy Express 999” scheme 8-car

A-8158                  3100 Romancecar series  (EXPO 70?)

A-8262                  JR Diesel Train Series KIHA 183-1000 Limited Express 'Aso Boy!'

G2999-T               Galaxy Express 999 (TV version)

G3999-T               Galaxy Express 999 (TV version)-add on set




10-292                   E4 Max 4-car standard set

10-293                   E4 Max 4-car add-on set (combined with 4-pack 10-292)

10-340                   E1 Max 4-car standard set

10-341                   E1 Max 4-car add-on set (2)

10-397                   Nozomi 700 8-pc standard set

10-398                   Nozomi 700 8-pc add-on set

10-481                   205 Series KATO Train (10 car set)

10-510                   Nozomi 500 4-pc starter set

10-511                   Nozomi 500 4-pc add-on set A (combined 8-pack with 10-510)

10-512                   Nozomi 500 8-pc add-on set B

10-857                   E-5 Hayabusa 3-car set

10-858                   E-5 Hayabusa 3-car add-on set A (combined 6-pack with 10-857)

10-859                   E-5 Hayabusa 4-car add-on set B

10-865                   Tsubame 800  6-piece set

10-896                   923-3000 Dr Yellow 3-car set

10-897                   923-3000 Dr Yellow 4-car add-on (Combined 7-pack with 10-896)

10-922                   Mangattan Liner “Cartoon Train”

10-1136                 E-6 “Super Komachi” 3-car set

10-1137                 E-6 “Super Komachi 4-car add-on (Combined 7-pack with 10-1136)

10-1227                 231 Rilakkuma/Yamamote Line (11 car set)


Special KATO Edition

                              E-2  Suica’s Penguin Special Edition 10-car train



92733                    Shinkansen 400 Tsubasa

92743                    7000 Series Romance car LSE

92754                    Super Express 50000 Romancecar VSE

92845                    10000 HiSE Romancecar

92988                    KIHA 183 Asahiyama Zoo

98918                    KIHA 183 Asahiyama Zoo Renewal


TOMYTEC (all powered)

                                Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends 2-car set

                                Evangelion 2-car set set

                                Portram               Railway Daughters TLR0601 (red)

                                Portram               Railway Daughters TLR0606 (blue)

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Alright, let's see.


3057 - EF66
3024 - EF65 1000
2010 - C58
10 351 - 181 Series "Toki"
10 370 - 201 Series
10 261 + 10 262 - E231 500 Series


2213 - DD51 800
92609 - Kintetsu 21000 Urban Liner
92604 - Odakyu 10000 Series HiSE
92639 - 300 Series  shinkansen


1080M + 1080T - Odakyu 2000 series
4015 - 107 100 series
4055 + 4056 - Hankyu 2800 series
4021 - Keikyu 1000 series (Unpowered)


A0358 - 115 3000 series (Powered add-on set)


Konan Railway 6000 series (Unpowered)
Tokyu Corporation 6000 series (Unpowered)
Hankyu 2000 x 2 (Unpowered)


Then if I add in other countries:

Gopher models - NSW Class 48
Graham Farish - Intercity 125

All that is not including the various freight and passenger stuff I have.

Edited by Keikyu
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Factory made, Alive:



1. JNR EF81-300 tomix

2. 9600 MicroAce



1. JR 500 Nozomi 7 cars tomix


multiple unit

1. JR103 4 cars yellow tomix






1. Kato SD70MAC, missing one truck

2. EH-500 tomix, just the body, many parts missing, reused the chassis


Multiple unit:

1. E231-500 yamanote 3 cars tomix, needs to be repainted, currently the chassis is used on wip project



1. Dont know the name, '50 ish brown coaches kato made x3, bogie used

2. Kani 24 tomix, bogie used

3. Corrugated passenger cars x4, kato, broken couplers

4. Koki series x2, tomix made, no suitable loco at this moment.



Refurbrished, diy body:



1. Krupp M1500BB/BB304, from one EH500 chassis and unused EF81 trucks



1. Indonesian K3 Economy class coaches x3, with kato bogies



Wip, diy body:


Multiple unit

1. INKA KRL-I prajayana, with E231-500 chassis






1. 800 series 6 cars tomix, only motor car survived, currently the chassis is swapped to 500 series (because it has a flywheel, and a better sound)



1. Suhanefu 25 tomix, only chassis and bogies survived, currently abandoned

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Updated list: August 2014

100 Grand Hikari 14 Car KATO (2 more cars being shipped out later this month)            

200 Tohoku/Joetsu   12 Car KATO
500 Kodama   8 Car KATO
500 Nozomi   16 Car KATO 
700 Hikari Rail Star   8 Car Tomix
800 Sakura   6 Car KATO
300-3000 Sanyo Nozomi   16 Car Tomix
500-7000 Kodama   8 Car Tomix 
E2 Hayate   10 Car KATO 
E2 Hayate/Tohoku   10 Car Ganbaru Nippon     KATO
E3 Komachi   6 Car KATO 
E4 Yamabiko   8 Car KATO 
E5 Hayabusa   10 Car KATO 
E6 Super Komachi   7 Car       KATO

E7 Hokuriku 12 Car TOMIX

E7 Hokuriku 12 Car KATO
J.R. Type 923  Dr. Yellow   7 Car Tomix 
J.R. Type 923  Dr. Yellow   7 Car KATO 
N700 Nozomi   16 Car KATO
Series E926 Electric & Track Comprehensive Car East-i   6 Car       MicroACE                                

DD16 304 1    KATO

DD54     1       KATO

DE10     3 Units      KATO
DE15     1       Tomix

DD51     3 Units  Cold Type Hokutosei  KATO

DD51 Goodbye Kisei Main Line 1 Unit TOMIX
Kiha 47     2 Car Unit Niigata Colour     MicroACE
Kiha 8500     4 Car Unit Aizu Railway     MicroACE
Kiha E131+E132     2 Car Unit      MicroACE

101 Seibu New Color   6car/10car Seibu Series 101   KATO
101 Seibu Old Colour   8 Car Seibu Series 101     KATO
E231-0 Sobu line   10 Car Tomix      
E231-500 Yamanote line   11 Car KATO      
E233-3000 Tokaido line   15 Car Green/Orange     KATO
E491 East i-E East i-E   3       MicroACE

E655 Nagomi 6 Car (including Special Car) KATO
ED61     1 With Cleaning Car     Tomix
EF510-0 (EF510-10)     1       KATO
EF510-1 (EF510-1)     1       KATO
EF510-500 (EF510-502) Hokutosei   1 Hokutosei     KATO
EF510-500 (EF510-509) Cassiopeia   1 Cassiopeia     KATO
EF510-500 (EF510-510) Cassiopeia   1 Cassiopeia    
KATO EF66 (EF66-46)     1 Blue     KATO EF66 (EF66-47)     1 Blue     KATO
EF81 (EF81-59)     1       KATO
EF81 (EF81-104) Twilight   1 Twilight Express     KATO
EF81 (EF81-114) Twilight   1 Twilight Express     KATO
EF81 (EF81-101) Nihonkai   1 Sayonara Nihonkai     Tomix
Series 205 Saikyo Line 10 Car KATO

Series 455 Ban ètsu   3 Car       Tomix
Series 455/475     10 Car       Tomix
Series 485 Aizu Liner   6 Car       MicroACE
Series 485  Irodori   6 Car       MicroACE
Series 583 Kitaguni   10 Car     Tomix
Series 719-0 Ban ètsu   4 Car       MicroACE                

C57-180     1 Short Smoke Deflector     KATO
C57-180     1 Long Smoke Deflector     KATO
C62 (C62-15) Hokkaido   1       KATO
C62 (C62-16) Hokkaido   1       KATO
C58     1 Unit       KATO
C11     1 Unit       KATO                
D51     1 Unit       KATO

Carriage Fleet              
Series 12 Ban ètsu Monogatari   7 car Cream / Red     KATO
Series 12 Ban ètsu Monogatari   7 Car Blue / White     KATO
Series 24 Twilight   10 Car Green/Yellow     KATO
Series 24 Nihonkai   10 Car Blue - Nihonkai     Tomix
Series E26 Cassiopeia   13 Car       KATO
Series 24 Hokutosei   12 Car Blue - Hokutosei     KATO
Orient Express '88 Paris - Hong Kong 15 Car KATO                

Chiki 5000     2 car       KATO
Chiki 5500     2 car       KATO
Container Express Takara   9 Car       KATO
Hoki 9500     5 Car Limestone     Kawaii
J.N.R. Container Wagon KOKI 50000 (without Container) (2-Car Set)     2       Tomix
J.N.R. Container Wagon KOKIFU 50000 (without container)      1       Tomix
J.N.R. Flat Wagon Chiki 7000     2       Tomix
J.N.R. Railway Crane Type So 80 (with Flat Wagon Type Chiki 7000)      2 Breakdown Car     Tomix
J.N.R. Toki 21100+21500 Steel Coils Train   12 Car Steel Coils Train     MicroACE
J.R. Container Wagon Koki102/103 (without Container)     4 Units       TOMIX
Koki 104 Container Wagon with JR Containers 4 Units KATO

Koki 200 w/UT11C Container `Kamioka Kogyo`     2 Units       KATO
Ku 5000 Car transporters   6 car       Kawaii Sangi Railway     7 car mixed     Kawaii
Taki 1000     2 Units Oil tankers     KATO
Taki 35000     6 car Oil tankers     Kawaii
Taki43000     6 units Oil tankers     KATO
Toki 15000     3       KATO
Toki 25000      3       KATO
Waki10000     4 Units       KATO
Wamu 480000     2 car       KATO
Wamu 90000     2 car       KATO
Wara     2 car       KATO
Yo 5000     1 Brake Van     KATO
Yo 8000     1 Brake Van     KATO

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This got really scary... and this is not everything.


Make    Item    Description    Owner    No. of Cars
Kato    3012    EF65 1065    JR Freight    1
Kato    3037    EH500 2nd Production    JR Freight    1
Kato    3046    EF66-100    JR Freight    1
Kato    3059    EF510-0    JR Freight    1
Kato    057965    E2 "Suica - Your Place"    JR East    10
Kato    10-1127    DD16 304 Snowplow Car    JR West    1
Kato    10-1136    E6 "Super Komachi" (Basic)    JR East    3
Kato    10-1137    E6 "Super Komachi" (Add-On)    JR East    4
Kato    10-1159    E233-1000 Series (Basic)    JR East    3
Kato    10-1160    E233-1000 Series (Add-on A)    JR East    3
Kato    10-1161    E233-1000 Series (Add-on B)    JR East    4
Kato    10-1202    489 Series Hakusan Colour (Basic)    JR West    5
Kato    10-1203    489 Series Hakusan Colour (Add-On)    JR West    4
Kato    10-1205    223-6000 Series (Basic)    JR West    4
Kato    10-1206    223-6000 Series (Add-on)    JR West    4
Kato    10-1209    475 Series Hokuriku Colour    JR West    3
Kato    10-1221    E7 Series (Basic)    JR East    3
Kato    10-1222    E7 Series (Add-on A)    JR East    3
Kato    10-1223    E7 Series (Add-on B)    JR East    6
Kato    10-1227    E231-500 Rilakkuma Wrapping Train Yamanote Line Colour    JR East    11
Kato    10-221    E3 Series "Komachi"    JR East    6
Kato    10-252    205 Series Yamanote Line Colour (Add-On)    JR East    4
Kato    10-252    205 Series Yamanote Line (Add-on)    JR East    4
Kato    10-278    E2-1000 Series "Hayate" (Basic)    JR East    4
Kato    10-279    E2-1000 Series "Hayate" (Add-On)    JR East    6
Kato    10-326    681 Series "Thunderbird" (Add-On)    JR West    3
Kato    10-345    681 Series "Thunderbird" (Basic)    JR West    6
Kato    10-373    201 Series "Keihanshin Line"    JR West    7
Kato    10-381    681-2000 Series Hokuetsu Kyoko Colour    Hokuetsu Kyuko    9
Kato    10-409    253 Series "Narita Express" (Add-On)    JR East    3
Kato    10-436    221 Series (Add-on)    JR West    2
Kato    10-499    Kiha 201 Series    JR Hokkaido    3
Kato    10-583    115-1000 Series Niigata Colour    JR East    3
Kato    10-831    24 Series "Hokutosei" (Basic)    JR East    6
Kato    10-832    24 Series "Hokutosei" (Add-On)    JR East    6
Kato    10-835    E26 Series "Cassiopeia" (Add-on)    JR East    6
Kato    10-848    E259 Series (Add-on)    JR East    3
Kato    10-857    E5 Series "Hayabusa" (Basic)    JR East    3
Kato    10-858    E5 Series "Hayabusa" (Add-On A)    JR East    3
Kato    10-859    E5 Series "Hayabusa" (Add-On B)    JR East    4
Kato    10-868    E2 "1st Restoration Service"    JR East    10
Kato    10-869    24 Series Twilight Express (Basic)    JR West    6
Kato    10-870    24 Series Twilight Express (Add-On)    JR West    4
Kato    10-913    485 Series "Kirishima"    JR Kyushu    3
Kato    10-921    223-2500 Series "Kansai Airport"    JR West    4
Kato    10-926    225-5000 Series "Kansai Airport"    JR West    4
Kato    14-801-1    PORTRAM TLR0601        1
Kato    14-801-8    PORTRAM TLR0605        1
Kato    3019-6    EF65-1000 Early Type JRF    JR Freight    1
Kato    3019-6    EF65-1000 Early Type JRF    JR Freight    1
Kato    3019-8    EF65-1000 Early Type JRF 2nd Renewal Colour    JR Freight    1
Kato    3023-6    EF64-1000 Double-Headed Coupler    JR East    1
Kato    3024-1    EF64-1000 JRF Renewal Colour    JR Freight    1
Kato    3034-3    EF210-100 Single Arm Pantograph    JR Freight    1
Kato    3036-1    EF200 New Livery    JR Freight    1
Kato    3037-1    EH500 3rd Production    JR Freight    1
Kato    3057-3    EF63 1st Production    JR East    1
Kato    3057-3    EF63 1st Production    JR East    1
Kato    3061-1    EF65-1000 Late Type    JR East    1
Kato    3066-2    EF81 Twilight Express    JR West    1
Kato    3066-4    EF81 Double-Headed Coupler    JR East    1
Kato    3071-9    ED76 551    JR Hokkaido    1
Kato    3076-1    ED79 Single Arm Pantograph    JR Hokkaido    1
Kato    6043-1    Kiha 100-100 (M)    JR East    1
Kato    6044-1    Kiha 100-100    JR East    1
Kato    7007-1    DF200-0    JR Freight    1
Kato    7007-2    DF200-50     JR Freight    1
Kato    7008-2    DD51 Hokutosei    JR Hokkaido    1
Kato    7008-2    DD51 Hokutosei    JR Hokkaido    1
Micro Ace    A-0317    781 Series Doraemon Train    JR Hokkaido    6
Micro Ace    A-3390    E491 East i-E    JR East    3
Micro Ace    A-3391    Kiya E193 East i-D    JR East    3
Micro Ace    A-5632    485-3000 Hakucho    JR East    6
Micro Ace    A-5650    485-3000 Series "Hokuetsu"    JR East    9
Micro Ace    A-5933    Kiha 40 "Fox, Squid, Crab"    JR Hokkaido    3
Micro Ace    A-8470    E926 East i    JR East    6
Tokyodo    T2-003S1    Hokuetsu Kyuko HK100    Hokuetsu Kyuko    2
Tomix    92126    485 Series Super Raicho (Add-on)    JR West    3
Tomix    92191    Kiha 47-0 Series "Okayama Rapid"    JR West    2
Tomix    92496    485 Series "Hakutaka" (Basic)    JR West    4
Tomix    92497    485 Series "Hakutaka" (Add-On)    JR West    4
Tomix    92988    Kiha 183 Asahiyama Zoo Colour    JR Hokkaido    6
Tomix    98925    N700-8000 Series Kumamon    JR Kyushu    8
Tomix    92914    EF63 3rd Production    JR East    2
Tomix    92999    200 Series "Omiya 30th Anniversary"    JR East    10
Tomix    98918    Kiha 183 Asahiyama Zoo Renewal Colour    JR Hokkaido    6
Tomix    98920    Kiha 40-1000 Series "Karasuyama Line"    JR East    2


Edit: The table got screwed up :(

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Amazing list guys! Interesting fact is I'm starting to see that more people have Kato trains than Tomix ones. Is it because of DCC?


MicroAce is understandable for being lesser trains in production, but the ratio and percentage of Kato to Tomix is kinda far for most.

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Martijn Meerts

I think I have more Tomix and MicroAce than Kato, and I'm doing DCC :)


The only Kato's that are easier for DCC are the ones that can take their own decoder, which I don't use anyway because of the too limited feature set.

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The fact that Kato sells internationally while Tomix don't, helps them a bit. Also, they make european and american trains too, so if someone has a Kato made train of their own country, they tend to buy from them when they buy japanese trains. Personally I usually prefer Tomix, but only because the train collection series, so most of my japanese trains are actually Tomytec. (the tomytec trains are really easy to DCC since they have lots of space and usually no circuit boards at all so no trace cutting or milling is required to disconnect the motor, however DCC-ing them would triple their price)


ps: I'm a bit afraid to make a full list, i have too many half assembled trains waiting for parts of just a bit of free time.

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When I started I had little exposure to Tomix models where I lived. For the locomotives, for a long time I don't think Tomix had flywheels in them, so you can see, most of my locomotives (even to this day) are Kato. As for EMUs, it depends on the actual train. Both Kato and Tomix offers models that the other doesn't. Tomix also didn't have electrical pickup for all cars for quite a few models... so that depends more on the actual train. Of course, I do have a "slight" bias towards Kato.


DCC with Kato is sort of a bonus. Because I am emigrated, some of my stuff is not on the list as I have left more Tomix stuff where I came from. I am working to bring them over... who doesn't want more trains?  :angel5:

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Kato? What is that? Don't they make tracks for T-Trak modules?


Joking aside, I don't own any Kato trains. Maybe a few rolling stock and some old EMU I've forgotten about back home, but the vast majority of my collection is MicroAce (me and my Kanto 1435mm gauge obsession). Second comes Modemo (interurban ahoy) and then Greenmax (mostly economy kits). I shall update my list next week.

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You do Toni, two EMUs and some passenger coaches if I remember correctly. :grin


I don't own much Kato myself either though, I think only two trains that don't fit in the region I chose.

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I'm currently over 90% kato thanks to DCC, but I have no bias on the others, I usually buy kato, but if they don't have the model I want, I buy from others

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Krackel Hopper

Spent nearly the entire day today cataloging my entire N scale collection.


Can't seem to get my excel spreadsheet to post in the correct format, but here's the basics.


44 trains (EMU, DMU, Shinkansen, Passenger. Between 2 & 12 car sets)


24 Locomotives (Electric, Diesel & Steam)


6 Trams


4 Snowplows


50 koki cars (50000, 10000, 100 - 107 & 200s)


Most of my train sets are MicroAce & Tomix, Most of my Locomotives are Kato



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You do Toni, two EMUs and some passenger coaches if I remember correctly. :grin


Gah! My exotic reputation is ruined! xD

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Can't seem to get my excel spreadsheet to post in the correct format, but here's the basics.

I think it's possible to save as a text file in excel that you can copy. Maybe that will work...

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An update to my roster is long overdue. The first part is all the self-propelled stuff - locos, DMUs, EMUs & trams. Rollingstock will be next.






Steam Locos

JNR B6/2120 0-6-2T- Sango
JNR 6760 4-4-0 - Toby
JNR 9200 2-8-0 - Frateschi (conversion)
JNR C11 2-6-4T - Tenshodo (x2 locos)
JNR C12 2-6-2T - Tramway (x2 locos)
JNR C51 4-6-2 - Tenshodo
JNR C56 2-6-0 - Kato (x2 locos)
JNR C57 4-6-2 - Miyazawa &Tenshodo (x2 locos)
JNR C58 2-6-2 - Tenshodo (x2 locos)
JNR D51 2-8-2 - Kato (x3 locos)
JNR D61 2-8-4 - Adachi
Diesel Locos
JNR DD13 (single headlight) - Tenshodo
JNR DD13 (dual headlights) - Tramway (x2 locos)
JNR DD16 - Tramway
JNR DD54 - Zoukei Mura
JNR DD90 - Bachmann (conversion)
JNR DE10 - Kato (x2 locos)
JNR DF50 - Tomix (x2 locos)

Electric Locos
JNR EF60 - Tramway
JNR EF64-0 - Aclass
JNR EF65-0 - Tramway
JNR EF65-500 - Kato
JNR EF65-1000 - Kato
JNR EF70 - Tramway
JNR ED79-0 - Tomix
Toshiba 40-ton steeplecab - Tenshodo (x2 locos)
BLW B-class steeplecab - MTS Imports (conversion)
Akita Chuo Kotsu Dewa 3000 - Neko Publishing

JNR Kiha25 - Tenshodo (x2 cars)
JNR Kiha30/35 - Tramway (x5 cars)
JNR Kiha40 - MicroAce (x2 cars)
JNR Kiha52 - MicroAce (x3 cars)
JNR Kiha28 - Kato (x2 cars)
JNR Kiro28 -  Kato (x3 cars)
JNR Kiha58 - Kato (x3 cars)
JNR Kiha65 - Kato (x2 cars)
JNR Kiha82 - Limited Express Kato (7-car set)

Meitetsu Moha 510 - Tomix (x4 cars)
Kotoden Moha 3000 - Tomix (x7 cars)
JNR Kumoni13 Parcel/Luggage Motor - HobbyModel
JNR Series 40 Suburban train - Kato (x4 cars)
JNR Series 115-0 Suburban train - Dentetsu Kobo (4-car set)
JNR Series 153 Ordinary Express -Tomix (low cab, 4-car set)
JNR Series 165 Ordinary Express - Kato (high cab, 7-car set)
JNR Series 485 Limited Express - Tomix (8-car set)
JNR Series 489 Limited Express - Tomix (7-car set)
Tokyu Tamaden Deha 80 - Tramway 
Enoden Type 100 - Modemo (x5 cars)
Hokuriku Rly Kanazawa city car - Modemo (conversion)
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We don't run DCC due to our modules (both J-Module and T-TRAK) are DC train friendly and it saves members buying stacks of DCC parts when some of the trians we have can't have the DCC part added to their trains due to the age of the trains (pre-DCC)

I know I have more KATO than TOMIX trains but that is cause there is a bigger range of trains available in KATO, but I still like TOMIX with their all wheel pick-ups.

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Well, I thought what better way to define what's in your roster by using a video photo shoot instead?


Here's my amateur video of my recent photo shoot of my roster:




Hope you guys like it!


(I'm still trying more functions of the movie maker, and will try to make more actual videos soon ~ Cheers! *

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You have good taste! :D It's strange that every train you have uses the JR network and/or is from the Tokyo area, but suddenly there's that Kotoden train. :P Not entirely sure if the Odakyu and Tobu trains use JR tracks but they're full-blown expresses as well.

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