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Galleries from the Meetings of the Modeltrain Maniacs (GER)


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Yes, we had.


This weekend we will do it again  ;D


On Friday evening we went to a japanese restaurant, saturday is driving day and on sunday noon to kick the whole gang out of my house  :P :D

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And the most important: All the people come from whole germany to me. Some of them driving around 400 km.

They came from Berlin, Muehlhausen, Mainz, Marl, Saarbruecken, ...


The Layout is only temporary for the Saturday. But up on friday night, on sunday noon are all back in their boxes

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Kai - now you have me curious. How did your club get started and how many active members do you have? It sounds like Friday night is a busy night at your house.

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I had start collecting jap trains mid 2004. I was looking for informations. The most (95%) was on japanese the rest on english but nothing in my mothertoungh.


So I had ask in some german boards and I had found only 2 people in german speaking area who are intersstet in jap trains. I dicied to build a small platform to write down my results of my studies about trains. Then we grown up to 5 peoples and I installed my own board. After some up & downs we had our first meeting in August 2006. Since then we meet us two times a year (spring and autumn)


Our forum has around 20 members, the active members are around 8. 


Friday is much fun. 7pm to ~11pm we are in the restaurant, than up to 2am build up the basics and testruns. At morning 9am is breakfast, after that we do the last electric works. And than: Have fun.


The layout has a size of 4x1.5 meters

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The layout is changing on every meeting. One of our member is planing to whole layout. The only thing that is fixes is the size of the base construction

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