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Automated computer control chapter 3 - Advanced blocks

Martijn Meerts

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Martijn Meerts
6 minutes ago, Aleks said:

@Martijn Meerts Thank you very much! You reminded me I was actually asking LDT people about a year ago about the difference between RM-GB-8-N and RM-88-N... which I think was the reason I went for ECoSDetector then as it was a little more economical (ECoSDetector can do 16 blocks). Of course I only can connect three of them and then need an ECoSLink to add more... and I will need more than 3... Yes will need to see if I can use both s88 and ECoSDetector together...


If I use iTrain, is HSI-88 helpful? 


It could be yes. You'd be able to use both the ECoSDetector(s) through the ECoS connect, and then additional occupancy detection through the HSI-88. In iTrain you'll just need to specify which interface to use for the various feedbacks.


There's also the µCon S88-Master, which is similar to the HSI-88, but connects directly to the network rather than through a serial or USB port. I've been using a combination of ECoS, µCon S88-Master and LDT RM-GB-8-N myself for a while now, and it works great.


(Also, fun little fact, the company manufacturing the µCon S88-Master is now also the owner of LDT, after Mr. Littfinski decided to retire)

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