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JAM 2010 Show Reports


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Yeah, that was my feeling too.


Maybe we'll see more about the 30th anniversary of Unitrack as it gets closer to 2011.  They have to have something planned to commemorate that. Maybe. 


And I wouldn't mind a new commuter train or two... although my wallet might.

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Doesn't seem to be much from Kato.

I really haven't seen much from anyone. Is the economy or the issues with suppliers?

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As always, thanks for pointing these out.


And why didn't I think of transparent roads when I was designing my subway?  It might not be prototypical, but done right it would have the look of one of those "how things work" books, and I think it would look pretty cool.  Something to think about for a future layout.

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got a couple of emails from philip and nothing ultra secret to share i guess! he saw the tomytec busses and said they run nice and prototypically slower than the fallers. he is going to look in his bag of literature to see if he grabbed one on the system. but no further insites on how it all functions other than the faller wire embedded in the modular road sections. bus turn out is a small lever you pull back an the bus pulls in and stops. he thought it only had one speed from what he saw.


mr kato liked the jrm containers.





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