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Krackel Hopper

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it will be great to see what you come up with as we have noodled on this concept in the past for the jrm layout do have small strips like this for show layouts. idea being these would be very thin modules to transport and we could just do one of the layers or multiple. thin double viaduct in the back, then a thin local line in the front then even something like a ttrak street car at the very front. the idea came from seeing some clubs in japan do this like your youtube video. actually does an interesting scenery strip thing w/o it all having to tie together (or it could if you wanted to make it one giant puzzle of modules/sections).





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I think I remember that, I posted some pictures of a US steam layout that used the idea. In doing my project party layout I was struck by the look of smooth, black painted board in relation to track when I painted some of the gatorboard framing the track black. Black painted foam didn't have the same effect, I think the texture leaves something to draw your eye, while smooth black helps focus your eye on a small area by blocking out the rest - a super-focus effect if you wanted to name it. It makes the detail work jump out at you.

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I too was inspired by the short video clip and like what are proposing. That style of layout might be the next one I try, I'm fed up with having a large baseboard (4' x 10')which is difficult get under. How are you going to wire it? The clip doesn't show any trailing wires, so I the points (turnouts) are manual. I'm thinking of using an RS232 control module in every 18" x 4' section to operate points, sensors and signals.





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Hey Richard,


Transportability was key when I saw this as I'm going to have to transport the whole thing myself, I Think I'm going to rig up a simple framework to put in the back of the car to keep all of the boards seperate.  Another nice feature of this is that each piece is quite small, and my time not my own, so small boards like this are far more achievable.


as for switch control, thanks for bringing that up!! (I'd forgotten it!!) There are only a few places with switches as it stands right now (but I will be adding modules so this is an issue I need to consider.  I have thought of building a small separate board to place by the station module with the 4 switch controls and the power pack on.  As its a raised module the cables can go through the baseboard.  and be routed to the same spot.  I did notice on another video where they were just left which did look a little scruffy for my liking.  Anyhow, I'll see how it goes as I put things together.


One question I would like peoples opinion on, is what colour to paint the face of the module so as best to complement the scenery?  I've got brown in the diagram, but am also considering dark green or black, any ideas?



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What you've done looks great, and like you say very portable. If you standardise on the track positioning you could have all four modules in a row with small return loops.

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That's the dilemma I'm facing now, do I do the two return loops or do I have double curves and have an oval with two trains running. The idea of a 16' long layout really appeals but I think I'll leave that for when I,ve built som more 4' ones. I figure I can extend the length by whatever increments I want as long as front and back is consistent.


More progress this morning, to get used to things thought I'd do the viaduct module first. I,ve got the valley sides on and have used model magic to sculpt a road and rice paddies. More pictures this evening after (hopefully) a quick coat of paint



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