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Disclaimer - Description, Calendar & Guidelines

Krackel Hopper

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Krackel Hopper

Summer 2010 Project Party

Hosted by: rankodd & Krackel Hopper


Party Theme - Stations

For the purpose of this project party, the term “station” will refer to any location that involves the loading and/or unloading of persons or cargo.  Examples are passenger or freight stations, as well as freight sidings, docks or loading ramps.  This definition also includes tram and bus stations.  With the growing popularity of trams and anticipation of the new Tomix bus system, some people may be interested in building a station/stop for these elements.


This party will allow everything from scratch-built to pre-built stations and platforms.  There is no size restriction.  Stations can be of any size and from any era.  Stations can be a stand-alone diorama, T-trak module or built into a home layout.  As long as your project has a station according to the definition for this project party, it falls within allowable guidelines.


Guidelines -

• Projects must fall within the "station" theme.


• Participants will follow the given calendar dates.  No construction will be done before the July 16th launch and all projects (finished or not) will be wrapped up (for the project party) on September 26th.


• Participants will maintain an "in progress" thread.  A weekly update is preferred, but bi-weekly is accepted.  Comments will be posted in the accompanying "discussion" thread for the participant.


Voting -

At the end of the project party, JNS members will be asked to vote based upon a project’s creativity, attention to detail, and overall appearance.  The area being judged is the station itself and the grounds on which it sits.  Example:  If someone were to use a pre-built Kato station, they would be judged on any painting and weathering, details added (people/signs/lights/etc), and the grounds that station sits on.  Does the station have a parking lot?  Is the station overgrown with bushes/shrubs/trees or on a concrete pad?  Are the station grounds fenced in?

Calendar -

Sign up:                                                  July 1st - July 15th (2wks)

Launch Party:                                        July 16th

Definition & Materials Gathering:            July 16th - July 31st (2wks)

Construction:                                          August 1th - September 26th (8wks)

Voting:                                                    September 27th - October 3rd (1wk)

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