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Any Hobby shops in Beijing?

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Okay, you all know I'm at the Olympics working. Just in case I get a break does anyone know of any Hobby shops in Beijing?

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Get this. We have no interent in our rooms. In order to get internet there is one area in the hotel on the second floor in the corner all the way to the right. It's a funny site, all these people huddled in a corner on the internet :D

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Well, my biggest update is I'm back from Beijing and in the USA. My schedule changed not only day to day but from hour to hour so it was very hard to get extended free time. But the NBC logistics office did find a Hobby factory for me that manufactured model trains. Here was my 2 problems, all factories were closed during the Olympics but the owner lived at the factory. Okay it looked like I was on my way but my last problem, he was a 20 min. cab ride away and he nor anybody at the factory knew English so I did get to go. I wished I could have found the plant where Tomix (Tomy) has their trains manufactured.

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