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Programming Kato Decoders for N700

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Does anyone know of a source for English language instructions for Kato DCC decoders?


I just purchased the following:


18 - FR11 (for interior lights)

3  - FL12 (for head and tail lights)

2  - EM13 (for train motor)


I am going to install them into my Kato N700. I have the complete 16 car train. I bought spares just in case.


I am trying to program the address of the FR11's starting at 100 and going through 116.


I am not sure if I am required to set a separate CV first, them the address.


I have the Japanese instructions for all 3 types but can't read them.


I have tried programming them with both an ESU ECoS system and an NCE Power Pro-R.


Any help would be great. Thank you in advance,



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Hello, and welcome to the board!!


With a tip of the hat to Kashirigi: he just recently found what you are looking for here:





On the FR11, you should just program the address as usual. The decoders are "write only" and as I recall, at least one of the models actually causes your programmer to return an error when programmed correctly! So don't trust the feedback you're getting from your programmer.

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