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In another thread I discussed my frustrations in installing a Digitrax "plug and play" decoder.


Just now, in the span of about 10 minutes, I installed my first Kato EM13 (29-351) decoder. It took about 10 minutes, 7 of which were spent searching the internet for a translation of the Japanese only instruction sheet.


Should you wish to install one yourself, the instructions are right here.


Not only did it fit in like a glove, it actually worked.


Now I can start doing fun things, like actually making some scenery.


I gathered that these decoders are hard to find. I ordered mine from my local (large) supplier, and they had no trouble getting them in. They ship worldwide, as far as I know.



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Not all is happy in drop-in decoder land...actually, I haven't had any problems with the EM13, but the FL12 (I can't keep them straight, the headlight decoder) has been a real pain for me. If you haven't seen it, have a browse through this thread.


Anyway, some good news from you at last!

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Martijn Meerts

Ah yes, scenery.. That's where the other frustrations start, like making a mountain and not getting it to look like you want, or the endless hours spent on ballasting and such =)


Then again, you can see progress when working on scenery, which generally helps with keeping the frustration at bay :)

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Scenery - I agree another element of frustration. Like designing a mountain that has to be able to come apart from the top in order to get to de-railed trains only to realize that the mountain top is too heavy and you need a forklift to remove it.  :D (solved the problem by cutting the top in half.)

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That's where styrofoam insulation comes in. Light and easy to work with. Just fill in the gaps with some wood filler and you're ready to go. If you need some sort of rough covering, coat it with premixed sand matte acrylic gel medium.


In fact, http://www.modelrailroader.ca/ is chronicling (among other things) making a layout *entirely* out of ouf insulation. No wood base, no nothin'


I suppose it would float in the event of a flood.

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That is what I plan to make my diorama out of for the "Party" styrofoam insulation and other materials I have on hand. It's so easy to work with. It's light weight, you can carve it with a bread knife and as you said Kashirgi, it floats (just like Ivory soap)

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