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Trip to Japan?

Martijn Meerts

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Alpine - what is there to understand about the people on the Jerry Springer Show, 90% of their words are bleeped out and then they slap the other person on the set. I always wonder how they get people to appear on that show. Does the surprised participant really think they are they to share their recipe for Road kill Southern fried possum and squirrel?


Boy talk about going way off topic---One quick story, when we were in Nagano the Japanese people were eager to take photos of themselves posing with North Americans (I don't know why) One of my friends, John, was very popular with the Japanese and was invited to meals and other activities. As a Japanese man was having his picture taken with John, I asked him, "John why are you so popular?" His reply was, "I don't know, they just like me." I have to describe John, he is 6'4" big and muscular, built like and American football player. Then I heard a Japanese man yell to a friend, "I just had my picture taken with Emmitt Smith of the Dallas Cowboys American Football team!!"

John turned to me and said, "Bernard, for the next 2 weeks while we're here could you just call me Emmitt?"

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It is amazing how a bloke can be invited on the show and have absolutely no idea that his relationship is a steaming pile of dog do !

I had a similar experience in Beijing on my honey moon where I was literally followed by chinese women who kept telling my wife that she was luck to have just married me. How good did I feel !!

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Alpine - Beautiful photos of the Japanese gardens. It's amazing what can be done in such little space.

Gee, I didn't know Japan had kangaroos? Do they also have koalas? ;D


Have to ask, what made you chose Beijing as a place to go on your honeymoon?

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We picked Beijing because:


1.my wife and I like to travel to places that has a cultural perspective to it - we hate the idea of sitting on the beach and doing nothing, it drives us both mad;

2. it was winter and you just dont want to go there when it is summer or spring for the crowds; and

3. it was affordable;

4.the invasion of Iraq was being discussed and the potential terrorist danger for Australians shut off alot of our other options that satisfied criteria 1 (other than places we had already been to).

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