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September Project Party Sign up thread

Darren Jeffries

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Darren Jeffries

From the front page.... left menu... or if you are using a default SMF theme, it is on the top line menu.

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Martijn Meerts

Well, September being over and all, I guess very few of us actually had any time to really work on it ;)


Myself, we had a project launch at the end of September at work, which meant lots of extra hours to get it done in time. Also, the online game I'd been following for about 2 years finally got released in September, so quite a few late nights went into that.


I will eventually work on the "September project" and post progress here though, but it's become more of a "2008-2009 project" ;)

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I got some good work done on mine...less than I'd hope, but quite a lot, considering (for the newcomers, I'm a new father  ;D )


I'll continue work on my project, posting regular reports on my blog.

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