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Double LP of Japanese Steam Locomotive Recordings


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Hello everyone,


I have recently come into possession of a double LP of recordings of Japanese steam locomotives. I have to say, I know nothing about trains let alone Japanese ones, so I thought I would come to the experts. As far as I can tell (using the power of Google Translate), it seems to be a collection of recordings of different JNR steam locomotives on a few different lines, recorded in the 1970s and released by RVC/RCA. Inside there are pictures and pieces of information about the trains recorded. Any information would be much appreciated.







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Pretty much as it says, just sound recordings of various steam trains. I had a similar one as a kid of us steam. Japan has a lot of rail related stuff like this a it’s been a very rail centric country and tons of rail fans. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is still around in cd format.



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On 5/7/2024 at 9:53 AM, plinth said:

using the power of Google Translate

That made me lol, but it's awesome to see C571 on the recordings.

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On 5/8/2024 at 2:55 AM, plinth said:

Pics of some of the inside


The three D51 class 2-8-2s in this picture are hauling the daily limestone train at Nunohara on the Hakubi line in Okayama prefecture. This  was a very popular spot for photography with railfans in the closing days of steam locomotives. I also have a vinyl record featuring trains here.





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