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Unusual Tomytec Problem


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I have dozens of motorized Tomytec trams, and just had a first case of a carbody falling apart. I motorized the recent Nagasaki #3002 ( https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10864663 ) and one end wall of the tram (destination sign/windshield/lights/bumper/etc.) popped right off. I had always thought the end carbody sections were one-piece castings, but they are not. Fixed it with some clear tacky glue, and while doing so the other end started to come loose, too, so I had to fix that. I wonder if the ends just happened to be under-glued during assembly of this one.


Rich K.

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I've often had the windows pop out of articulated Tomytec trams.  Started with the Berlin / Munich Adtranz trams.  Probably more complicated designs so one-piece is out of the question. But now Kato has enough of a range that I can just focus on their trams.

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