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Canada Eh!


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I did a search and did not find much in the way of Canadian model trains so I figured I'd start one.  This can be place that those who model Canadian roads can post photos, asked questions and hopefully answer some of the questions.


I have been modelling Canadian Pacific in HO scale since 1979, with a focus on the mid-70's era although with lots of time creep either way as will be seen as I post more of my efforts.  I will start with these 3.  Hope you enjoy.


First up is the model that got me started ohh so many years ago. This is a brass (Alco Models) RS 2 painted in the as delivered paint scheme.  Used by CP to dieselize some of their eastern lines.  It came with an open frame motor and drive train that was pretty poor, this has been replaced by an Atlas (Kato) RS 3 drive.

CPR 8400_1.jpg


This is a Baldwin DRS 4-4-1000.  It was used to get rid of steam on the Esquimalt and Nanaimo railway.  It is a Stewart (now Bowser) model that my sister gave me.  Has a few mods but is factory paint.

CPR 8012_1.jpg


My first real kitbash.  It is a SW 1200 RS and was built from an Athearn SW and parts from a Canadian company, Juneco Scale Models.  It has a can motor but needs better trucks.

CP 8129_1.jpg

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 The next set of photos.  How  locomotives can change over time.


This is a Montreal Locomotive Works RS 18, based on the Alco RS 11.  This is a brass import by Van Hobbies made by Samhongsa in Korea and represents the 1950’s built locomotive shortly before being rebuilt in the early 1980s.

CP 8793_1.jpg


This is an example of the RS 18 rebuilds, now called RS 18U.  They were stripped to the frame and totally redone, and used for lighter duty road switching service in Eastern Canada and the US.  This is a recent release from Rapido and only needed some black paint on the handrails.

CP 1812_1.jpg


This is a GP 7.  It, along with its replacement the GP 9, were the backbone of the CP mainline power, especially in Western Canada.  This one is painted in its as delivered scheme and is an Atlas unit with CP specific details added.

CPR 8411_1.jpg


As the GP 7s and 9s got replaced by more powerful locomotives, they got pushed down into secondary services and sometimes got some upgrades.  This is a model of a GP 9 that worked on the Esquimalt and Nanaimo Railway on Vancouver Island and it has a few of those modifications including a chop nose and extended rear sand box.  This is a modified Athearn model.

CP 8619_1.jpg

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Nice SW1200 — diesel switchers are the best!

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On 4/17/2024 at 7:09 AM, Cat said:

Nice SW1200 — diesel switchers are the best!

Thanks!  Although technically that SW 1200 is a road switcher designed for light rail branch lines (BLU, Branch Line Unit in CP speak).  It has road trucks, larger fuel tanks, MU connections, and other upgrades to make it work effectively outside of yards.  Below are some true switchers used in Canada.


MLW S2 (Alco brass)

CPR 7081_1.jpg


GMD SW 9 (Life Like)

CPR 7405_1.jpg


Another painted for BC Hydro (Life Like)

BCH 908_1.jpg


Baldwin DS 4-4-1000 (Bowser)

CP 7067_1.jpg

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On 4/25/2024 at 8:33 AM, Cat said:

Lots of nice liveries too! ❤️

What I am finding is that compared to what I have seen in Japan, we are pretty boring here.

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OK, time for some passenger units.


EMD E8 in Action Red (Rapido)

CP 1802_2.jpg


EMD E8 in the block scheme (Model Power drive with a NWSL can motor, and a Rivarossi shell)

CPR 1802_1.jpg


GMD FP9 (brass)

CP 1405_1.jpg


GMD FP7 (Atlas)

CPR 1402_1.jpg


GMD FB9 (brass)

CP 1900_1.jpg


FM/CLC "C" Liner (Proto 1000)

CPR 4104_1.jpg


Budd Car, know as the Dayliner on CP (brass sides, top and frame; cast ends; SPUD drive)

CP 9102_1.jpg


MLW/ALCO FA1/2 (Model Power, does not really represent either the FA 1 or FA2)

CPR 4018_1.jpg


MLW/ALCO FB1 (Trains Miniature)

CPR 4409_1.jpg

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😀 my experiment for a "joint venture" Canada and Japan, built in Bavaria Germany.😀


Bavaria gute Seite.JPG

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