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How to-double head n scale steam locomotives?

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I want to operate double header passenger excursions on my Little Nevada, and I have three steamers, 844, 4014, and 4449, doing double headers is the plan for my layout, I did look through Google, and there are some help, but didn't help that much, for context, I only have the KATO standard controller on a simple loop, you know, the blue color one that in the starter packs and which every N scale user probably has, and I don't know if this could work or I have to use a different controller, any suggestions and help is greatly appreciated.



-Dillon Trinh, The Little Nevada operator

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Put both steamers on the track, move lever, done?


On a more detailed note, it works just like that in DC. You simply run both locomotives on one line and one Power pack. Most notable thing to look at for smoth playing would be if both locomotives run more or leas at the same speed. Just put them both on the track with some distance, and see how much they close in/move apart during different speeds. Of the distance is not much, you cool to go. If the speed difference is significant, risk is that one loco pulls or pushes the other into derail. Its just a matter of trying out really.


Some tuning you could do is removing the traction tire on the slower locomotive, so it just "grinds" a bit but practically gets dragged if the speed gets too slow. Kato/Tomix usually do this on double powered units, like an E5/E6 combo where the E6 usually has no traction tire (for kato it gets delivered without and you can buy a boogie set with traction tire, Tomix is exactly the other way round), or like Kato does with their DE10 were you can also obtain boogies without traction tire.

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