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George Washington University's JapanFest 2024


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The Japanese Cultural Association at George Washington University has invited JRM to display our T-Trak layout at JapanFest Japanese cutlural event on Sautrday March 30th from 6pn - 10pm. This is another event that is part of the National Cherry Blossom festival. This will be our first time at the eveent and looks to be quite a fun event. Tickets are $10 and $15 with a bento box included! Get your tickets soon as the bento box supply is limited!


http://japanrailmodelers.org/pubs/Japanfest 2024 Flyer Fixed.jpeg


Sorry I didn’t post sooner on this but we again has to wait out the insurance issues.





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JapanFest was fun! It was a smaller event at the GW student union for about 300. They served excellent bento boxes with chicken katzu and nice oshinkos. Nice to be fed (only other event that feeds us is the lions club and that’s usually hot dogs!). They had lots of volunteers to help us bring in stuff from the street into the building. The Ttrak was well received by the mainly college students. Also appreciated by a number of Japanese students at GW. They had us right in the middle of the table area and we got from and center seats for the taiko drumming troupe, koto players, and marshal art performances. We were only set up for 3 hours but worth it. The Japanese cultural club was very appreciative of us attending!











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