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KATO Signals working in DCC mode

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Interesting, sadly Video shows nothing. Not how done, not even if really controlled by the screen.

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Hello everyone, how and with what exactly this works will be explained in the next video. You can be sure that it will work with the z21 or with any DCC Controler Station. In addition, you can also change the timing of the lamps via the CV values, so that red, yellow and green can light up independently between 2-10 seconds each, for those who want to work with the timer.

I've been looking for such a control system on countless sites for months, and now I finally found it. Since this is my first video in the field of social media, I'm slowly starting :) Stay curious :) 

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BTW, cool that you found us here, glad you share your videos with us. Just a friendly pointer that you can always ask around, spares you months of searching. Stores like drM wich sell replacement DCC boards for Kato/Tomix signals are known to most here. Looking foreward to your solution though as well!

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Hi Wolf,

it is the drM K-SD605 borad ... in DCC mode!

These borads are nearly unknown in Germany and NEVER find a video to set this borad to DCC and CVs or a guide to do this... (even the drm guide ist not so clear in my oppinion) 🙂 


And even after the swap, it took me a few hours and trials to understand the technology behind the DCC mode and how to set! 



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Well, now I am looking even more foreward to your videos as I am just about to get my hands on some too

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Posted (edited)

Hey all,

see my new ultimate guide!


Hello to all Japan Train fans. Here is the ultimate guide on how to convert your Kato signal to DCC in 3 easy steps using the Z21 Start Control Unit (Roco) or another DCC control unit.

After a long search I finally had success and can control the KATO signals with DCC.

Convert your Kato signal to DCC in 3 simple steps.

Have fun! Your comments, shares and likes as well as questions are welcome 👍



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