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I am looking for large stations (and platforms) for my layout. Besides of the usual brands (Kato, Faller, Volmer...), I recently found a German brand (MKB models) that seems to be producing a very nice covered station ( https://www-mkb--modelle-de.translate.goog/gebaudebausatze-h0-tt/bausatze-spur/bahngebaude/160224-bahnhofshalle-sternschanze?osCsid=9124c08740edd15df68212aefa62075b&_x_tr_sl=auto&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=en&_x_tr_pto=wapp ) and a French brand that 3D print classical buildings (I find the "Gare de Tours" particularly beautiful http://www.richesheures.net/3dprint/01gareGrande01.htm ).


Would you know any other brands for large N-scale stations ? I could not find anything in North America, which seems odd to me... Thanks !

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I remember Kestral Models used to make a large 2 platform canopy. Not sure if they even exist anymore or whether they still make it. Most canopies of this nature are large Victorian era architecture, although large glass canopies are not suited to earthquake prone countries like Japan. As your avatar image is of ligne à grande vitesse stock, this may not be a concern.


Metcalfe Models are a common supplier of paper kits in the UK and do some very effective buildings although not really in-keeping with continental styles.


Alternatively, some downloadable paper kits are available here, again very functional British in aesthetic rather than the more ornate European styles.



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Thank you ! I was not aware of Kestrel Models, it is an interesting lead. And, indeed, I am more looking for European architecture, preferably "continental" but a nice Victorian era canopy would do too ;)


I am simply trying to get my layout ready to welcome the - hopefully soon - to be released Kato TGV-m !

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