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Server downtime February 25, March 2 or March 3

Martijn Meerts

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Martijn Meerts

Hey all!


Several systems we're using on AWS have some major updates waiting to be applied. This includes upgrading from deprecated servers, and updating things like the caching service and some (non-critical) security systems.


I will be looking into this either this upcoming weekend, or the weekend after that. I'll also upgrade the forum's software then as well.


I'm not sure how long the downtime will be, but considering there are multiple systems that need updating, it might take a while. I'll post here once I know when the update will be.


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Thanks very much Martijn! All your work to keep the machines going is greatly appreciated!



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Martijn Meerts

Hey all!


The server software and forum software have been updated. Should any issues arise, please let me know.


Also, there is a major update of the Linux distribution we use on the server. At the moment this is not an issue, but I will need to update that sometime this year. There is no easy update path for that, so it means setting up a completely new server. Obviously this is a more time consuming task than a regular point update, and it also requires more preparation and testing. When I know more, I'll make a new post about it.


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