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Krackel Hopper

Sankei Paper Kits

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I have been building structures when I have a bit of free time.

I was surprised to notice the huge height difference between one of the "modern" house kits (house D) and some of the wooden, traditional building (something similar to this one). The first floor of the modern house looks completely out of proportion in comparison, almost half a floor taller.


Is this prototypical or is there a scale/measurement issue?

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Kanpai Keith

Being 6’3” on my visit to Japan last year I did notice the ceiling height on older buildings was low, 🤕.


On more modern buildings there appears to be a more western standard.  So yeah I’d say there could be at least 1’ different.

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My experience as well, especially doorways, older places I sometimes had to duck at the doorway, so I could see how modern stuff would look taller, but not by 3’, maybe a foot.



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Right. It makes mixing up the eras a bit difficult, the difference in size is a bit jarring. I'm not a big fan of the older houses. A bit is nice but it's not the era I want to model.

I would love more contemporary but kind of anonymous buildings.

Things like this:



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