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Sankei - "Paper" Kits

Krackel Hopper

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great work! These tiny bits are the hardest of the sankei to build. You jumped into the deep end here. Larger structures are easier as parts are not so tiny and the tabs and rabit joints are easier to fit. Tiny structures lie this little shrine can’t get some of the helpful assembly designs in that small and a small mistake on alignment is big in relationship to the size of the overall piece so way more noticeable if you goof on a joint.







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A simple little kit. Sankei MP04-59 "Lottery Booth"






I painted the roofs, added some additional signs, a "glass" window, and some interior bits including the attendant and a light.



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This is a Sankei that Ive almost completed next too an Outland Models building Ive completed. 


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It was an interesting assembly and my first Sankei kit. I got it because no other company offered a similar building or it was out of stock. I thought the plans were amazing blueprint quality just about. I wish I was a bit more prepared to assemble the kit with the correct tools like a really sharp xacto blade, micro glue dispenser and tweezers . I may venture to do another kit if there is something that catches my eye, Overall I think it was worth the effort that I put into building this kit and will be a prized addition to my layout.

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Good to hear you enjoyed it. first one is the hardest to get into their process and design and then they get easier. Kind of like making oancakes, first one is usually a bit of messing with and may come out a little wonky but the rest of the batch is easy.

Yes they do require really sharp xacto knife tips as the sankei laserboard has a lot of hard resins in it and very hard, dense fibers that makes it hard to cut thru the little tabs. But the laserboard does not singe with cutting and is pretty robust to moisture. Might try the xacto Z series blades that have a zirconium nitride coating on the edge. They do seem to stay on the ultra sharp side longer than standard blades do. Stropping the blade edge now and then on a very fine nail file sponge also can help keep the tip cutting well on the harder stuff.


yes smaller glue applicator helps over using some sort of applicator to transfer little glue blobs and lines. I find the Arleen’s tacky glue is just right for sankei and paper crafting as it’s thick and does not run or overly soak papers with extra moisture and it sets pretty quickly to a good hold before full curing. You can get it in nice little pen applicators that work well for little dots and lines of glue. You can refill these from cheaper big bottle later.


tons of nice fine tweezers cheap on ebay if you root around. Go for stainless not the black painted ones. You can pick up pretty fine tips for under $3 and an array of tip types. Probably one of the most handiest tool to have a variety of.





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