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Thai railways 1nM progress


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So, I'm laid up with a broken ankle. Can't get in the loft, can only do a limited amount in the workshop and when I do get in there 'Cuyahoga' my soon to be re-cycled Z gauge layout is taking up all the space.


But I have been keeping busy revisiting my Thai archives and re-mastering my Thai rail videos into MP4 and reloading on to my youtube channel


This has led to a back and forth with fellow Thai rail enthusiasts and rekindled my on-off attempts doing Thai rail in 1nM ( 1/32 Gauge 1 running on 0 gauge track) with the long term to build a garden railway in both 45mm and 32mm gauge track


When I was writing up my SRT C56 2-6-0 I mentioned the 4 wheel freight stock I had started construct


A CG covered goods 4 wheel van and a SW Salt wagon. Both constructed on ABS Channel underframes with polystyrene sheet bodies . Home made resin castings for the axleboxes and Slaters Coarse scale 0 gauge disc coach wheels





CF 4 wheel container flats made pretty much the same way. All the stock will be fitted with Kadee couplers




The first loco completed was the C56 2-6-0 which featured heavily in Continental Modeller magazine and on all the Forums I follow





An old photo




The Thai army M113 is one of a few I have constructed in readiness for when I build the BFH Bogie flat heavy wagons to carry them




So.. Lately. I can do simple modelling in the office upstairs on the light desk. Plastic scratchbuilding basically


I made a start on the stubby little BV Brake van so charateristic of Thai freight trains. I have ridden on of these from Khon Kaen to Tha Phra courtesy of the local train crews




Spoiler alert, I hate elliptical roofs


So it looks a bit technicolor, I use different color plasticard to highlight the construction sequence for future reference. Roof is 16 thou aluminium rolled and bent to shape Grrrr1 Not perfect but it will have to do ,. Full interior detail including the rather rudimetary toilet. I had to use a real one against my better judgement only because I was desperate!




The LS low side wagon was sat as a kit of parts in the loft and I got our Brooklyn to hunt it down and bring the bits down for me. I wanted to model this as a not too battered example


1492 at Nakhon Ratchasima in 2009. There are examples a lot worse than this one




So the three dropsides on each side were set wonky on purpose as were the bump stops below. I have run out of wagon brake gear but more soon





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The LS is nearly ready for the first coat of primer. I'll shove it through the Ultrasonic cleaner in the mowning and let it dry. The Kadee #820 couplers should arrive in tomorrows post. The wonky sides will show up later when the first coat of primer is on. It is fitted with Vacuum brakes only so the brake hoses are both on the same side. I always felt fortunate that all the time I worked in Rail Engineering I never had any dealings with Vac Brakes. The hoses are actually flexible tight wound tension springs I picked up from an army surplus shop. I paid £1 for just over 1000. Bargain




The BV Brake van has had the roof gutters fitted since this photo was taken. The roof is held on with four 10BA countersunk screws and there is a 1/32 x 1/4" rivet on each corner to keep the end framing lined up with the roof. This vehicle is dual braked so strangely has the vac pipes on the same side and the air hoses on the other side. Hey ho!




The air brake end cocks are some old white metal ones i have had lurking in the bit boxes for years and years. The window shutters are little pigs to make. The top ones are painted the same grey as the rest of the wagon but the lower ones will be silver. The toilet window is partially down




The first coat of Hycote Plastic primer will, no doubt, expose loads of flaws that will need tidying up


Here is a twist. Every Brake van and Caboose I have ever modelled in scales from Z scale to gauge 3 has a stove and stovepipe. Not the Thai ones for obvious reasons!


More soon



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First coat of primer applied. Archer waterslide rivets applied although they look pretty insignificant



A couple more of the blinds added. More work done on the interior including the Guards brake valve




Kadee 820 couplers fitted with the pins cut off


The LS looks a lot better now it is all one colour




I'll let the primer harden off and then do the undeframes black tomorrow



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More progress, Roof primed in Hycote self ecth primer Bodies in Hycote grey plastic primer which looks like th darker grey seen on some SRT vehicles




The wonky widow shutters added




I got our Brooklyn to go up into the loft to get the C56 2-6-0 down for the first time in ages however he couldn't find the couple of lengths of Peco streamline 0 gauge flexitrack I use to pose the models . Better luck next time


I spent most of yesterday making the Thai script lettering using a Pilot EF white permanent marker on clear waterslide sheet


More soon



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Outside in some rare sunshine. Ignore the track. It is the 00 photoboard, the only I could reach with my gammy leg!


BV now lettered with English and Thai scripts. Odd bits still to do




LS waiting for some serious weathering




The pair together



Next up will probably be a Hunslet 0-6-0DH. I've got the wheels turned and still have the crankpin hole drilling jig I used so I can make the flycranks. I know in the loft is a big Sagami motor with an 0 gauge 40-1 gearbox on it. Not sure where the axles are but can soon make some more from 3/16" Silver steel


This is no 27 laid up at Makkasan works. As I know quite a bit about Hunslet diesel shunters ( I was in charge of a fleet of 5 British ones before I retired) I might model it with some doors open and the Gardner engine and radiator visible




More soon



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