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IG-Nippon goes 18. Erlebnis Modellbahn 2024 (Germany)


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Hi guys,


As the largest model railway trade fair in Germany, the Erlebnis Modellbahn Dresden presents various exhibitors with more than 40 model railway systems from the small nominal size N to the large nominal size II on over 12,000 m² of exhibition space, which is organized by an association. In addition, numerous small series models are offered at the Dresden model railway fair. and small manufacturers as well as model railway dealers offer a wide selection of models and corresponding accessories for purchase. Various specialist lectures round off the range of offerings at the Dresden Experience Model Railway Fair.


For the first time, the partner forum IG-Nippon will also be a guest there with a Japanese module Layout + the IG Nippon mini modules Layout!


Date: 09.02.-11.02.2024

Location: Messe Dresden

Stand: H2/B3






Best regards, Ulli

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The first “IG-Nippon” exhibition in Dresden ended on Sunday and we had a lot of fun together. On Friday we were also able to welcome the public television station “MDR” and the well-known “Eisenbahn-Romantik” presenter Hagen von Ortloff to our layout. More advertising was almost impossible for our “IG-Nippon” community. But now with the pictures one after the other: Due to an error with the car sharing provider, we were rented the wrong vehicle. However, the error was quickly corrected and the modules could be loaded into Wunsiedel. The van arrived late in the afternoon and we officially still had 3.5 hours to set up our layout. Other exhibitors also asked us when we can start setting up. Doesn't matter! By joining forces, we were able to get the layout up and running half an hour before the end of construction. Over time, everyone knew what to do.



The first day of the exhibition began on Friday, we were able to have a short conversation with Hagen von Ortloff and welcomed Stephan @Wolf from www.j-scale.com from Berlin / Spandau as a guest in our team. A lot of information and experiences were exchanged. The collaboration with J-Scale will certainly not have been the only time 😉 Kind regards go out to J-Scale! The number of visitors was already very large, but was only exceeded on Saturday and Sunday! We were able to spend the evening after the exhibition in the restaurant “Hiroshi Sushi & Ramen” in Dresden Neustadt. Very good food is served there and unfortunately the evening was over quicker than expected.



Day 2 at the exhibition was really full! In some cases it was no longer possible to walk through Hall 2, where we set up our layout. Many visitors were pleased to see that, in addition to the many German layouts, there were also international layouts such as Japan and France on display. It was very easy to get into conversation with the visitors and there was a lot of talk about Japan and the railways. There were also a few visitors who had a Japanese model train in their house, and so we were even able to welcome a new member of the "IG-Nippon" community. The evening after the exhibition, the organizer invited everyone to a meal together, which we attended and ended with food and drinks.



The final Sunday began with troubleshooting in the layout, derailments and incorrect currents crept in on Saturday evening and had to be eliminated. Patrick was able to eliminate this in just a few steps thanks to his many years of experience with the layout. The system then ran again without any problems until it was dismantled. After the last visitors left, dismantling of the layout began. It took a record-breaking 25 minutes until the layout was stowed and secured in the transporter! We haven't been this fast in the past! I would also like to thank all “IG-Nippon” members who made the exhibition possible! It was a very nice day and we hope we can do it again next year!


Best regards, Ulli Liedtke


*photos will follow in the next posts

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Evening of construction:


We are waiting for the Layout.... 4 hours to go... 😅🤔




final work on the layout. You can also see 2 JNS members (2nd from the right is @mwagner and to the right I am @lighthouse )




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Video link to Hagen von Ortloff's contribution:



Before the gates were opened to visitors to the exhibition, we were able to take a few photos of the layout














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A few photos of the operation during the exhibition











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Dinner on Friday and thus the last photos from the exhibition in Dresden. We'd love to come back!





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Thanks for having me, I had a lot of fun!

(Damn, that sweater really makes me look fat, my collegue was right)

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Looks like it was a great show and wonderful you could all get over her for some good food and companionship! Always love to see meetups like this.


so happy to see ignippon thriving and growing.


im jealous of the Ghidorah and me ha godzilla!





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