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Sound Decoder in Motorless Passenger Cars

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Hello there,


does this work?


It's possible that the Sound on a common sound decoder, solded into a Passenger Car or other Models without an own Motor work?


Kind Regards

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Electrically, yes if your passenger car can bring power from the rails to the inside.  There is certainly enough room for the decoder and speaker.


Operationally, I don't know as I haven't tried it or seen one in person.  The human ear is acute in detecting where sound is coming from.  I would imagine at a distance, sure it will sound "right".  But as the train comes closer and passes by the observer you may get a "Wait, does it sound like the whistle (or whatever sound) is coming from the coach?" reaction.

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Since models usually don't actually have motors in all the motor cars, you can put it in one of the dummy motor cars and it will sound right.

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What they said above.  As long as you can power the sound decoder you can put it anywhere you like.  


With regards the location of the sound, with an EMU (whether Shinkansen or commuter) it's easy as they run multiple motor cars, so to speak, 1:1 scale, along the train. With steamers and front hauling locomotives you should be a bit more aware so people don't notice the sound is from someplace it shouldn't be.  As everyone above mentioned.


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Actually on emus maybe good to get the sound decoder speaker a bit away from motor car noise.



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