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Project party 2023 voting

Martijn Meerts

What is your favourite project from the Project Party 2023?  

14 members have voted

  1. 1. What is your favourite project from the Project Party 2023?

    • "Reduce Reuse Recycle" by maihama eki
    • "段ボールステーション" by tossedman
    • "安全第一 (single track mini module)" by mwagner
    • "Hat throwing" by Rod.H
    • "Speed building for the 2023 Project Party" by MeTheSwede

This poll is closed to new votes

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Martijn Meerts

Hey all!

Once again, apologies for being rather late with posting the poll. I'm starting to sound a bit like a broken record here, but every time I think things are slowing down a bit, something else pops up ...


First of all, I'd like to just thank everyone that participated in the project party, as well as everyone replying to the progress reports. We've done this parties before, but noticed that interest in them dropped quite a bit. I wanted to give it another go since it's a nice little something for people to work on. I do hope to do another project party at some point, so if you have any suggestions on how to improve things, feel free to PM me 🙂


Anyway, the poll will be running for a couple of weeks from the time of this writing. I've added all projects that had some work done / had pictures posted. It's also possible to vote for more than 1 project.


I do have a couple of prizes in mind, I'll leave those as a surprise for now though, mainly because I'm not 100% sure yet either 😄


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It's good to see the voting has started. After seeing the results after 3 votes are in I must say I feel quite confident that I will reach the top 5.


To save people some clicks going back to look at the five candidates, here are links to all the build threads:











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1 hour ago, MeTheSwede said:

After seeing the results after 3 votes are in I must say I feel quite confident that I will reach the top 5.

In reading this I was picturing the Swede as a 180kg sumo wrestler being translated to English… too much sumo last week.


great entries! 



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It was good fun regardless of the outcome. Great to see what everyone came up with. Hopefully we do it again in the future.





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Martijn Meerts

Looks like this might be a close one ...


I'll close the poll this upcoming weekend, so make sure you get your votes in! 😄


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Martijn Meerts

Well, we have a winner 😄


Congrats @MeTheSwede, and thanks again for everyone who joined in.


As for the prize, I was thinking of selecting a few of my trains, and the winner would pick one he/she would like to have. So, I'll be selecting a few of them soon, and see if there's anything interesting included 🙂


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A train! 😲


Here I was expecting honor, a diploma and maybe some JNS Forum stickers.



Thank you, thank you, arigatou gosaimazu!

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Martijn Meerts

Just a quick bit of info. Due to life and work and the attic being a bit of a mess after the AC installation work (I had to clear lots of space and the attic was the obvious room to temporarily place furniture and other things ...), I've not quite had the ability to go through my collection and decide which ones you get to pick from. It will happen though, sooner or later 😄


@MeTheSwede Feel free to send me a PM with what kinda stuff you're interested in 🙂


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