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Last autumn season for the 381 series.  Very nice videography on the Hakubi Line, with various liveries of the Limited Express Yakumo. At 4:45 one of the four daily container freights that use this line, headed by an EF64.  

*As an aside I will do a round trip on the Yakumo service later this month (Okayama-Izumo-shi) on an all-day out and back excursion by using the Tokaido and Sanyo Shinkansen (Nozomi) to get to Okayama from Shin-Yokohama. Will be my last ride on these iconic trainsets.


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I wonder how fast can JR West replace all the 381 Series train sets with the new 273 Series train sets. I believe at least two train sets are already completed by now, and it really depends on how fast KHI in Hyogo and Kinki Sharyo in Osaka can assemble the new train sets.

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