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Hat throwing


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Hey just found out I can grab all ready uploaded pics so...

The material I've sourced: A Greenmax basic kit for a Kumohayuni 44-800 and a pantagraph pack. 


And some plastic sheets & strips




And I put together the other carriage that was in the Greenmax bag which is either 44-803 or a 60-800. If I was building these for a working train I'd need the kit with the 47-000 carriages and a few more part packs.

I've not yet glued the roof on as I've not fitted the window glass and I might yet use the 44-800 body instead. I also need to do a tool run as amongst my micro drill sets I don't have a 1.2mm drill bit - not an issue for this as I kludged my way into hand creating the needed hole, but might be later. 

That's a percentage of my thought solved, now for the rest

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I got back to this and after scratch building a plasticard deck and some support blocks.

I think I may've oversized the deck before I've even started on the roofing structure


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