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maihama eki

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This is the perfect excuse to build something that I wanted to build for a long time. It is based on a prototype.


I'm going to try to document it with pictures only, and see how long it takes for someone to guess what it is.


There are going to be some significant pauses in the progress along the way.






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maihama eki

Well... I wasn't quite able to finish my project. I was out of town more than half of November and December, and the holiday season has it's increased time demands as well.


Here it is at 90% complete.






You can see the windows in the little building are just cut out prints at this time, and there are few other details still missing - signs and etc.


Those of you that have been around here a while will remember this little coffee shop made partially from an old Yo that is in the Osaka suburbs near Kawanishinoseguchi Station.



The links in the original article seem to have gone stale. You can find it still standing though.




The hardest part of this project so far was scrapping a brand new Tomix Yo5000.


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Tony Galiani

I agree.  Looks great.

And I am also impressed that you could cut up a new car.  I have some project ideas stalled as I cannot bring myself to cut up two perfectly good Kato WaMus.

I need to follow your example ....


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