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安全第一 (single track mini module)


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I‘m joining in Project Party 2023 with an idea of a single track module. 

The standard of the modules are quite familiar in IG Nippon. We showed some of our finished modules at the international modelling exhibition in vienna last week. 

The module is 31cm x 15cm. Using Kato Unitrack with a front space of 3cm to connect all of them. 

I‘ve started with a wooden body and a construction of a fake turnout. The mainline will be used for traffic, the siding will host the phlinthed locomotive.  


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My timing is off!  I will be in Vienna later this month so missed the exhibition.  But now I will check to see if there is anything model train related going on when I am there.


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A little mock-up test with two buildings and two locomotives to get an intuitive view at the scene


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Thank you. Here are the next steps: painting the underground, a shortened train and two buildings, building a platform for visitors, spread some sand and dust for texture. 


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Hi there, 

here are the final result after a lot of modelling work and detailing without any documentation. I'll hope you enjoy my module.

KR Markus









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Nice work!  The trees are particularly effective.  I think trees often tower about their surroundings in real life and this really captures that.  And of course just about any Japanese modeling scene needs some photographing the trains!



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