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So our contact us form can’t have captia and gets some spam and it appears some good contact going into spam filters. We have fiddled with it some and I’m actively monitoring it now closely. 

Could a few people please try doing a quick test of the contact form at the bottom of the screen and let me know here they sent one and we can evaluate how well it’s working.





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Thanks for the tests!


Hmmm I got bill’s and melandir’s, and my own tests, these were all while being logged in.


but I’ve not gotten madsing’s or majhama’s tests. I also did not get my own test I did while being logged out.


@Madsing and @maihama eki did you send your tests logged or logged out? If logged out is looking like the logged out version (where you have to add in your own email) is not making it through now.



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Thanks. Never got your first test madsing, but got your second. Maihama’s never got through.


may be front line spam filters randomly tossing a form coming in. I’ve had a few tests go poof and some get through. We may need to move to another option for the contact us. This is one of the reasons I was very happy to get out managing clients’ systems…



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