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Tomix 225-5100 Series Glazing


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Hi folks, would anyone know where I could get a set of window glazing for my Tomix 225-5100. It’s the KuMoHa 225-51xx end car (with pantograph). 

Trying to finish a project when tired, saw me spraying window blinds the wrong way up. I’ve tried adapting them to fit the other way, but that way removes the chassis clips and the body no longer stays attached. 




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Unfortunately, beside removing the blinds with a thinner, your only solution is to source a spare cab-car. There is one on sale on YJA at the moment, https://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/m1084973005.

The listing is for the cab-car without pantograph, but that shouldn't make a difference. The window configurations seems to be the same for both cab-cars from what I can see.

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If thinner taints the clear plastic you could try to sand it down and then wet polish the windows clear. It’s a pita, but might be worth a try if you don’t want to source a new shell or live with the modified window. 

could you glue the windows in and make a new clips or transplant the clips on the window for the shell to latch to?


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