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Carquinez Model Railroad Society Open House 2023


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Attended the CMRS in Crockett, CA known as the home of C&H Sugar Refinery.  It's a model railroad depicting scenes from the Bay Area, Sacramento, the Sierra's and Reno/Sparks.  As it was an open house, they had members running trains and it was trains galore.  They have 2 mainlines and had trains running on both directions and there was some gridlock in some areas.  It was fun for spectators but I'm sure it was stressful for the train operators and those in charge of the different blocks.  Of course most of the trains were SP, Santa Fe, UP and other railroads from the West Coast but I did find some from other parts of the world.  There was a German Beer Train, an Australian passenger train and a couple of Mexican locomotives.  Afterwards, I did a little rail fanning as the Capitol Corridor line was nearby.










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On 9/2/2023 at 5:57 AM, Das Steinkopf said:

That's random seeing a pair of former NSWGR/SRA 442 Jumbo's on the layout,

 Same guy also has a complete The Ghan Train - it's a site to see and dwarfs all the the North American name trains.  

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