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JAM 22nd International Model Train Convention 2023


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  • bill937ca changed the title to JAM 22nd International Model Train Convention 2023

Nice footage and very intense music lol. I finally got to watch your video on my pc instead of my phone. I have to say Im looking forward to a lot of offerings from all the companies in attendance especially GreenMax of their Multiple Tie Tamper 09-16 Plasser & Theurer car which I would like to own.

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Probably used one of the little sparking led kits for this. Sadly kits seem out of stock these days and maybe out of production. It could be made from one of the little flickering led circuits out there and a voltage regulator to 5v. Could even use one of the little led votive candle circuits and a voltage regulator, but they may be on too much. But now you can get even tinier 0201 leds for this (old ones used 0402s).



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Thanks @cteno4 - It's discontinued and even the video is no more available


Anyway, I was searching with "Sparkling" instead of "Flashing" on the site ... good to use the right word 

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@JR East I remember checking these kits (or similar) the last time I went to Japan, probably at a TamTam shop, or maybe Popondetta (sorry, can’t remember precisely). Keep this is mind during your next trip 😀



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I've seen them many times in TamTam in Akihabara (though I haven't been there recently so not sure what the situation is now).

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