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It started with a.... - My new exhibition project in O-gauge


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Hi all,


would like to show you my current project for our exhibition later this year in November. Bach in the early 90's I discovered American O-gauge on a trip to the US and brought home a Lionel Starter Set (think it was a New York Central Flyer with a basic 4-4-2 Steamer, two freight cars and a caboose running on O27 track). I really got into this, subscribed to Classic Toy Trains Magazine, and signed up with the K-Line Collector's Club in 1994. Over the years I collected quite some stuff, but in the early 2000 my interrest declined a bit and I switched to collecting Lima from Italy. I sold most of my O-gauge then to gain some space. With half of my family being Japanese I bought some Japanese N as well on my frequent trips to Japan. 


Last year I've been asked to bring something different for our annual exhibition. And I remembered my O gauge. With one remaining engine, a Williams E60CP electric in New Haven outfit and a handful of cars I couldn't go a long way. So I decided to sell my japanese N (my eyes are not too good anymore) and revive my O-gauge. I recently found a very good source for these trains in the UK, which keeps postage low. 


So, a while ago a bought me a used Williams EMD F3 AA Set from the Golden Memories Series in Milwaukee Road colours. It's actiually a replica of a Lionel post war era model. I like Williams, they are heavy and reliable smooth runners. A perfect base for my relaunch. A few Williams and Liones aluminum streamlined coaches came along with the locos.




I really liked the art deco style of the Milwaukee F3, but, in my mind there was something different.... I removed the lettering in order to not letting it being visible through my new paint. Next was a coat of primer after I removed all seperate detail parts.




A coat of plain semi gloss red was next. I used readily available spray cans, the worked out quite nicely.




And then, the vents and the rear ends in semi gloss black. Seems I did a good job with the masking, I was very satisfied with the results.




Then the decals came. Circus City Decals had the ones I needed. I ordered two sets of AMRoad decal sheets, which was a good idea, as I initially destroyed some with my first try. Here's what happened then 🙂


The first A-Unit is in the make, I had to reduce the front safety stripe due to the shape of the nose. I simply couldn't manage to get the decals on without folds. Anyway, it's O-gauge, not a scale train, so I can live with it. 




Almost ready, only the number boards are still missing.






These decals are really high quality, a very thin transfer film, which goes smoothly over edges, especially with some Micro-Sol decal softener. After a final paint job with clear semi gloss, it actually looks like printed, really amazing.




Now I`m working on the coaches. 


Last week I received a parcel with 12kgs (some 36lbs) of Menards O-gauge tubular track. I already wonder how people will like this layout on the exhibition. American O-gauge is not really common in Europe.


More to come!





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For those who don't know, AMRoad is a fictional Railway Company from the 1976 Hollywood movie "Silver Streak" with Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor. Here are some facts about this movie:


Silver Streak



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Well, actually I'm modelling one of the earlier trips of this train, where it ended in front of the bumper, not in the hall 😂



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