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Aclass 205 Series - anyone built one?


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Thanks to a 40% off sale at Rails of Sheffield I have what looks to be a complete unbuilt four car 205 Series on the way (two KuHas and a pair of MoHas). Has anyone built one of these kits? I know there are trailer chassis parts in the bundle for three of the vehicles but no mention of the motorised chassis, so I may have to stuff a couple of Tenshodo power bogies under one of the MoHas.

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Aclass 205 is 1/80.  There is a lisiting for the manufacturer at Hobby Search under Model Train HO/Z.   



The recommended truck is Nikko TR-235 DT-50. 


it looks like you build your own power trucks:

- When using the CN-16 motor to power, please use the weight plate PH-5821 because the motor will interfere with the interior.
- If you are using a small motor or a motor such as LN-12 that does not interfere with the room, please use the PH-5837 weight and current plate.
- In this case, you can make the room look neat by using the separately sold PH-5504 indoor floor plate Y6 instead of using the indoor floor plate with the escape mold for the motor.


The weight & electricity plate is available at Hobby Search.

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Yep, the lots I bought appear to be the body/underframe kits for the four vehicles (FH-4051/2) and a bundle of ballast weights/pickups/wheels to finish three of them. I have seen mention of an Aclass motorised chassis but doubt it's still available, hence thinking Tenshodo bogies would be the best bet.


It looks as if I'll have to wait and see what arrives. I'm hopeful that some of the other parts will turn out to have been bundled with the kits, as it looks distinctly as if someone gathered at least some of the parts but never used them.

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Good news, the lots arrived and I have everything apart from motors, transfers and a pantograph. Aclass still offer the transfer kits although they're a tad expensive at the equivalent of £12 per vehicle, and the instructions include diagrams for fitting Tenshodo power bogies so that should be easy enough.


What pantograph do I need though? Hobbysearch have a few subtly different ones tagged "205 Series". I want to build a very condensed version of a 205-0 on the Yamanote line.

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