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In Search of Pantograph


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In Search Of Kato 14794-1F replacement pantograph for Ouigo TGV. Everyone seems to be out of stock. My jumbo paws kinda hurt them.



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It seems there is question hiding behind your worlds that you forgot to formulate. Same player tries again?

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Makes sense, so not the International Organization for Standardization.

In that case, the best place is to look for them on Yahoo Japan Auctions or ask Model Train Plus or Railgalery Rokko if they have any or can get any from Kato. It's possible they are out of stock at Kato and you will need to wait for another production run. Production of spare parts are done in limited quantities.

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There may be an ISO standard that if you have a broken part it will be currently out of stock, but I think that’s more of a Murphy’s law…



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