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Book case types


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Hi, I'm new to the hobby and need a little help with storage.


I've got a number of Kato red series 50 carriages and wanted to get an empty book case to store them in, but there's quite a few types even from just Kato.


Is anyone able to help me with the difference between the DX case 10-217 and the other variants like 10-210 and 10-211?

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I recommend Casco over Kato as you can easily add a label and change it, and the inserts are made to fit several sizes of rolling-stock.


How many cars do you have or expect to have?

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I have 8 all up for now, probably no more for a while, they're pretty hard to find. I probably won't buy other loose carriages for a while either.


The main reason I'm asking is I'm about to buy a multiple unit and was hoping on saving on the extra 3-4k yen shipping and getting a case for these carriages at the same time - the store I'm buying the multiple unit from only has Kato DX cases and while they're more expensive than the other Kato cases (and the Casco ones) it also doesn't raise the shipping cost at all.


My penny pinching aside, the Casco cases do look useful, so I might get them later anyway. Do I have to cut the foam at all for them?

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Only time I had to cut into the urethane at a Case was when I was trying to fit something the case was not meant to carry. Wich I do a lot to save on cases XD


They usually come with their destinctive shapes already pre-cut, but still filled with foam. So you just remove the ones you need, some even come in various options to "remove" the foam to adapt in size.


You can see the actual inside on a casco for example here




On the second picture you can see the precut lines where you can pull out the foam. Only thing to figure usually is wich of the like quadzillion of cases you want/need lol


I also recommend Casco over Kato, or if money is less an issue our you really need a certain variety, an empty case and an extra bought Urethane inlay from Poppondeta. I really love them for their Inlays for example for Shipping Containers haha. 




To answer your question to the best of my knowledge, no Kato case expert here, 10-210 and 10-211 can hold 21m cara afaik, the 10-210 can hold 7 units, the 10-211 can hold 6 units AND has a cut out to place the full case of a Kato locomotive in the case as well. 10-217 can hold 20m cars, but is tight fittet to house 10 at once (two on the side).


As for if that tight fit is better or not, and how much of an actual difference beetween 21m and 20m cars the cases will make AND if they are actually usefull for your cars sadly I need to leave to someone else to answer.

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From Hobbysearch, the DX come with a few more foam layers which seems completely unwarranted. The main issue with Kato, beside the inability to add your own labels without gluing them, is that the slots are of fixed size.

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KATO cases are also slightly different sizes which is annoying if you want to put CASCO or Popondetta foam in it. Best to just roll with CASCO cases.

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Thanks for the advice everyone. I think I'll hold off on the case for now and get Casco ones later.

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It’s smart these days to bundle your orders as much as possible as the shipping costs have greatly increases sadly. No more oh there are a few bits I need and it’s only 480¥ to ship Sal!


bookcases unfortunately have always been a bit pricy to ship due to their size even being fairly lightweight.


the casco cases are very nice and are designed for many different ways of storing your extra cars without cases, the generic cases from the train manufacturers are sort of an afterthought and not designed as well as the casco.





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Oh I'm still going to fill out the shipping cost limit, ha. I'll just buy a bookcase that comes with a train instead.

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5 minutes ago, Skasaha said:

Oh I'm still going to fill out the shipping cost limit, ha. I'll just buy a bookcase that comes with a train instead.

This is the correct solution.

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Ah man, not being familiar with these is driving me nuts. So I am now making an order for some Casco cases, but naturally I want one that I can't get with foam already in it.


A bunch of people mentioned here and elsewhere that Casco and Poppondetta is a common combination, so I was thinking of getting this:


To fit in this: https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10721747


I'm pretty sure it fits but I'd rather avoid having to guess if I can. I'm getting this normal one with it since that seems to be the limit on avoiding the 6000 yen shipping.

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These Casco cases, are the inlays precut to accommodate a Shiki 1000?  I purchased a Tomix one recently, only to realize afterwards that it’s not going to fit in a standard slot in a Kato case.  I’ll custom cut the Kato inlay if I have to, but I would prefer to avoid doing that if possible.

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