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greetings from northeastern Brazil!


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hello everyone! just a guy in his early twenties who's not really into modelling, but loves railways!

I've been lurking around for a while, admittedly (this is actually the first time I ever create a forum post anywhere) but recently figured out, hey, why not give it a try?

what first lured me in was the Shinkansen network, as over on this side of the planet there's nothing that comes even close to it... with time, though, my interests expanded quite a bit (and to other countries as well!) and now include anything from limited express services to the Blue Trains of the not-too-distant past...


looking forward to interacting with you guys more often! ^_^

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Hi Brandy, glad you found us and decided to interact here!


lots of rail fans on the forum, we are a bit of both prototype and modeling so lots to choose from. It’s a pretty mellow crowd here. Looking forward to your posts!





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