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Timetable Changes March 2023

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We are coming up to the end  of the fiscal year in Japan in less than 3 weeks.  This unfortunately is usually a time of railway abandonments, train cancellations and equipment retirements.  March 18th will a particularly eventful day.


March 18th 

  • Hokkaido Railway Company

(Station abolished) Hamadaura Station ( Hidaka Main Line ) [7]

  •  East Japan Railway Company

(Abolition of trains) Rapid " Acty " [8]

(Abolition of trains) Rapid " Aterui " [9]

(Abolition of trains) Special Rapid " Holiday Rapid Akigawa " [10]

(Train discontinued) Limited Express " Swallow Akagi " [11]

(Train discontinued) Limited Express " Spacia Kinugawa " [12]

(New train) Limited Express " Spacia Nikko " between Shinjuku Station and Tobu Nikko Station [12]

(All seats reserved) Limited Express Akagi [13 ]

(Opening of new station) Makuhari-Toyosuna Station ( Between Shin- Narashino Station and Kaihin-Makuhari Station on the Keiyo Line ) [14]

(Opening of new station) Maegata Station ( between Morioka Station and Okama Station on the Tazawako Line ) [15] [16] [17]

(Station abolished) Hiratsudo Station ( Yamada Line ) [18]

  •  West Japan Railway Company

(Opening of new platform) Osaka Station (provisional name: Kita-Umeda Station ) ( Tokaido Main Line ( Umeda Freight Line ) between Shin-Osaka Station and Fukushima Station ) [19] [20]

(Double-track) Nara Line JR Fujinomori Station - Uji Station (9.9km) [21]

  •  Tobu Railway

(Train discontinued) Limited Express "Spacia Kinugawa" [12]

(New train) Limited Express "Spacia Nikko" Between Shinjuku Station and Tobu Nikko Station [12]

  •  Tokyu Corporation / Sagami Railway

(Extension opening) Sotetsu Shin-Yokohama Line / Tokyu Shin-Yokohama Line Hazawa-Yokohama Kokudai Station - Hiyoshi Station (10.0 km) [22] [23]

(Opening of new stations) Shin-Yokohama Station , Shin-Tsunashima Station

  •  Hokuetsu Express

(Train discontinued) Super Rapid "Snow Rabbit" [24]


April 1st

  • Hokkaido Railway Company

(Abolished line) Between Ishikari-Numata Station and Rumoi Station on the Rumoi Main Line (35.7km) [29] [30] [Report 1] [Report 2] .

(Station abolished) Mabu Station , Ebishima Station, Togeshita Station , Horonuka Station , Fujiyama Station , Owada Station , Rumoi Station (Rumoi Main Line) [29] [30] [Report 1] [Report 2] .


  •  Central Japan Railway , West Japan Railway , Shikoku Railway , Kyushu Railway (all JR companies)

(Fare revision) The limited express fare for conventional lines and Shinkansen has been changed from 3 categories to 4 categories. Green cars and sleepers (part of the express fare = that is, from the total amount) are also applied. Unlike JR East, the application date varies depending on the year [31] .


  •  West Japan Railway Company

( Introduction of ICOCA ) Between Shinnanyo Station and Shimonoseki Station on the Sanyo Main Line , Yuda Onsen Station on the Yamaguchi Line , Yamaguchi Station [32]

  •  Kinki Nippon Railway

(Fare revision) Raise revision of fare [33]

  •  Eizan Electric Railway

(Station renamed) Chayama/Kyoto University of the Arts Station ← Chayama Station ( Eizan Main Line ) [34]


Spurce:  https://ja.wikipedia.org/wiki/2023年の鉄道


More information on the Hokkaido Railway Company Rumoi Main Line. Japanese text.



And for those that want it here is an even longer list of timetable changes, announced on December 16, 2022 for March 2023 implementation.  Japanese text.




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With Hiratsudo Station being closed later this week, it seems I will have to use a different station for my Minna No Nihongo × Yamada Line meme! I think you can clearly see that the station was not served very frequently even before it gets abolished...



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