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Turntable Signage


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Does anyone know if JNR ever applied “安全第一” to the sides of turntable bridges, in the same manner American roads did?  The Kato turntable girders look really inviting to use up leftover signage from the decal sheets that come with their other yard buildings, but I cannot find any prototype photos that suggest this was ever done.

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Looks nice with some signage. Keep wondering what to do with the windows on the control booth of mine.


I assume the Y-wing and the TIE fighter are waiting to be scrapped. 

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17 minutes ago, Kamome said:

Keep wondering what to do with the windows on the control booth of mine.

I blacked the windows my control booth with a permanent black marker...fine one around the edges and larger one to fill in.  Its a bit of a cheat solution but at a distance looks good enough.



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I plan on painting the windows the same dark blue I used for a handful of high rise buildings.


As for the TIE Figher and the Y-Wing (there’s also an X-Wing there cut off), they’re waiting for the hangar that will eventually be built in that spot!

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By the way, how many different types of turntables exactly did Japan have, at least during the steam and JGR/JNR era?
Most of them appear to be of a familial likeness to this turntable seen at many preserved SL locales today.
And some, I know, were imported from Ransomes & Rapier in the UK.

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