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What DCC decoder is compatible with the Tomytec TM-08R (N)


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who had the experience to convert this Tomytec TM-08R model to DCC? maybe with an ESU decoder?
is there a list of decoders that can be used for Tomytec chassis?


thanks for your help

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No there isn't probably going to be a real list as its not a common modification.  But any small decoder that will put out 12v max would be fine.


And then it would just be a regular install, isolating the motor from the pickups through tape, and then the power is bridged between using the decoder.

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I don’t really remember anyone compiling a list for Tomytec mechanisms, but if you do a search of “Tomytec AND decoder” on the forum you will find an assortment of mainline decoders have worked for folks. Most all the Tomytec mechanism are pretty similar in design and motors so it shouldn’t be very model specific. Like Kato said any one that would put out 12v should work, just a matter of isolating the motor which in most tomytec mechs is pretty exposed and easy to dig into.



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