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Tomix E4 Series Last Run Product Replacement(?)


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(I wasn't sure where to submit this, if this is in wrong place, mods please move, thanks)


Tomix announced "The product in question will be recalled and all vehicles will be replaced with new ones" for the E4 Sayonara set. There were various problems found such as rusted couplers, incorrect seating and many products had paint issues:




DeepL translation:


Thank you for your continued patronage of Tomix products.
With regard to the <97947> Special Edition JR E4 Series Joetsu Shinkansen (New Paint, Last Run Decoration) set that was newly released in September 2022, we have found some defects such as rust on the current-carrying couplers and the first floor seat of car No. 8 being installed in the wrong direction.
We deeply apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to our customers and other parties concerned.

The product in question will be recalled and all vehicles will be replaced with new ones.
The replacement period is scheduled to be around June 2023.
We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and ask for your patience as we work to ensure that replacement products are available.

We take this matter very seriously and will make every effort to further improve quality control so that our customers can use our products with confidence in the future. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Product in question
<97947>JR Series E4 Joetsu Shinkansen (New Paint, Last Run Decoration) Set

Defective parts
Some of the current-carrying couplers are rusted and the first-floor seat of car No. 8 is installed in the wrong direction.

We will replace the customer's product with a new one.
We will replace the customer's product with a new one around June 2023.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you, but we ask for your understanding regarding the following points.
We will inform you of the replacement method around the end of April 2023.
Please keep the product in your possession until the next information. (Until then, there is no problem if you use the product while driving, etc.)
Please return the product in its original package when we exchange it for a new one.
Please return only the product in question. Please remove any items other than the product, such as interior lights, etc. We will not be able to replace them. Please note that we cannot replace the product.
Shipping is limited to within Japan.

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The whole Last Run product has been a disaster it seems.  If the issue(s) is just limited to those 2 things then doubt I’d even bother with mine. Coupler easily changed, and are the seat orientation. Now if the paint is going to be addressed, then that might be worth the effort of taking it with me on a trip to Japan.  With that said, I may drop by the Tomix showroom this week as I’m only 2 stations away currently.

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Bob Martin

Has anyone gone through the replacement process yet?  Curious how long it takes.  I’ll take mine with me In my next trip, and hopefully can be swapped within the time I’m there.

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Depends what they need to do. I had once a GM set sent back to them at release as they had installed the wrong colored LEDs. Set took about two weeks to be sent back to the shop and then on to me.

Personally, I would have arranged the return with the shop I had bought the set from. It makes more sense. Bringing the set to the Tomix showroom might not lead anywhere. Or you could try to warn them in advance so they can arrange something. I could see the language being a problem too.

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Bob Martin

It’s a full replacement product/swap. I’m hopeful they can turn it around within the 3 weeks I’m there. I may try emailing ahead (using Google translate) and hopefully get a reply.  Otherwise, hotel can hold it until the trip after that (or have hotel ship it, worse case).


I’ve actually not even looked at the set, to check the issues.

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Afaik, not every sets were affected, you should check it.

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Bob Martin
Posted (edited)

Every set was affected up to the recall (pre-orders for sure).  Mine certainly was upon checking.  But no one is really going to notice it with the body on.



Seat piece can easily be reversed (bit of trimming required as the tabs on each end are different sizes).  Honestly don’t think it’s worth the hassle of lugging it back and forth to Japan.


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