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Kato unitram track to a baseboard


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Securing it is probably not a good idea. Power feeders and switch controls are attached to the underside of the track. If you need to make a change or if they work loose you will have to lift the track up. There are no between track piece feeders for Unitram. My experience is that it does not slide around.


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Bit of watered down white glue. Will break away easily enough with force if needed. Just like ballast.


When dealing with power feeds / electric cables. Just cut a large oversized hole. That way you have for easy access from underneth the board.

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A few strategically placed pan head screws (like under building areas) can securely hold down unitram track (don’t need a lot of them) and allow you to easily pull up sections if needed.




Tub caulk also works and comes off of the plastic with some elbow grease. White PVA glue works and can pop loose, or be loosened with some moisture for a while, but I would be careful where you put it as the unitram track has a lot of nooks and crannies in some areas and PVA could get up in those and make a very serious connection that physically interlinks into the plastic parts and doesn’t pop loose as easily as it does on a nice smooth area of plastic.





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